FC Seoul

Year Major Events
1983 Established by Lucky-Goldstar Sports (The old name of GS Sports)
1987-1988 4 natural turf football pitches were completed.
1990 1 football pitch was transformed into the baseball pitch for LG Twins
2001 Built an additional natural turf pitch and replaced an existing pitch with an artificial turf pitch.
(There are 3 natural turf football pitches and 1 artificial turf football pitch in all.)
2002 Built a new indoor facility including weight room, treatment room, meeting room, and so on.
France national football team used as the team's training camp during the 2002 World Cup
2004 Replaced with cool season grasses in A-Pitch.

Section Size Remarks
Total Land Area 229,067 Pyong 96,091㎡
Building Area 300 Pyong Administration Building
Parking Capacity 110 Cars