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FC Seoul takes off.“The real deal has just begun!"
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Choi, ‘The Eagle’, leads Seoul to 2-1 comeback victory over Jeju United

FC Seoul walked away with precious 3 points after defeating Jeju United with a thrilling comeback victory in the 8th round of the league at Seoul World Cup Stadium, on 30th. 

Above all, the flow of the game was highly dramatic. Seoul gave away the lead in the first half, but then demonstrated surprising endurance and reversed the direction of the game with two consecutive goal in the second half. It was more than a victory, a consequent of a valuable process. 

The match was crucial since it was the first game after Choi, Yong Soo became the caretaker manager of the side. He had no experience of leading a whole club. Club itself, was on the decline. However, Choi dispelled all the worries of others and made a brilliant debut as the leader of the squad.

 Choi’s tactics were quite successive as he made Myung Jin Ko and captain, Yong Ho Park appear on the ground for the first time in this season. He also emphasized on the player’s psychological stability, and that made the players to show their ability they had.

There is an old proverb that goes “well begun is half done”, and Choi started off his managerial career in a great form. All he needs to do now is to fly further and higher just as his nickname ‘The Eagle’ implies. Gained the second victory in the league, FC Seoul established a bridgehead to move up into the upper ranks of the table. 
 The composition of the starting lineup was solid enough to threat the opponents. Dajan led the offense as a target striker in front of Djeparov and Yo Han Ko, with Dae Sung Ha and Myong Jin Ko positioned in the center. They pressured hard from the first half but could not avoid to conceding the opening goal. They almost gave away another before Hyun Tae Choi threw himself to clear the ball out. It was a critical moment that could have broken down Seoul, but players’ eagerness to win became stronger.

 Equaliser came out on 12th minute when Yong Ho Park directed a header from Molina’s swinging free kick. It was a wonderful collaboration of the free-kick specialist and the goalscoring defender, Yong Ho Park who had missed past few games due to a bad condition so far in this season. Recently, he had his hair shaved as a sign of taking responsibility of the club’s bad result as the captain. And this time he served as a troubleshooter for the team, striking on his teammates’ minds.

The winning goal was accomplished by an excellent team-play. Dejan slipped through 5 defenders a wonderful ball to Myong Jin Ko who dribbled past the goalie and scored the goal.
 He made a fabulous comeback from injury, saving his team from long-term slump and gifting Choi an unforgettable victory.

However, a terrible accident occurred as Goalkeeper Yong Dae Kim injured his nose while he was struggling to win the ball with before being substituted during the second half. It is a great loss since the club is at the critical juncture having to go through 8 games only on May.

Players should not be intoxicated with the victory for too long. AFC Champion’s League match against Al Ain awaits them on 4th, followed by an away league game versus Sangju. They should pull themselves together and get ready to fly higher.

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