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Dramatic victory, FC Seoul defeats Sangju 4-3
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Dejan hat-trick, Hyun curls in a winning free kick leading his team to 3 consecutive wins

Could it be more dramatic than this?
FC Seoul surely has proved themselves to be the leading side of the league when they snatched a dramatic victory on Sunday evening. The score simply tells you how fabulous the game was.
FC Seoul has beaten the ‘unbeaten’ Sangju, and now they are on a 2-game winning streak in the league. It would be 3 games in a row if ACL match is included. FC Seoul is surely flying high.

FC Seoul earned their three points with a fantastic 4-3 victory over Sangju in the 9th round of the league at Sangju Civic Stadium, on 8th. Marking 3-3-3 in the league with 12 points, FC Seoul has jumped up 4 steps in the league table securing themselves at 10th place. The fact that the higher-ranking teams are compactly lined up with small margin of points, leaves FC Seoul a chance to climb up higher anytime in the near future 

FC Seoul, who is unbeaten since Choi had taken over the side as the caretaker manager, is bringing dynamics to the league, showing the dignity as defending champions.
The match was indescribably dramatic. It was full of speed and punch as both sides decided to play offensively. As the score of 4-3 indicates, both sides played the best possible in the tightest, most interesting game in 2011 K-League so far. The match, which had been arousing a lot of interest by being aired through 3 cable TV channels, was enough to enhance the whole quality of K-League. It also proved, once again, that the offensive tactics in football is the single most important way of attracting fan’s love, as well.

Raining goals of the see-saw match was indeed absorbing. Dejan netted three times in 9th and 35th in the first half and in 28th minute after the break. Whenever the Seoulites seized the lead through Dejan’s strike, the home side equalized on 18th(first half), 1st and 42nd minute.
 In the moment of tensity, it was Young-min Hyun who put an end to the extreme drama. In 42nd minute of the second half, which was only 12 minutes after he was substituted in, Hyun curled the ball over the home side’s wall form the free-kick and netted the corner. It was a precious winning goal that gave the club the victory, and a goal which relieved the former Korean international from all the burdens he had personally carried.
“I felt sorry to the teammates for the mistakes I had repeated in the early season, but now I feel much easier now” Hyun said in his aftermatch interview with a big smile on his face. “I practiced free-kicks constantly during regular trainings and I was lucky to have the chance by the favor of Molina’s substitution”    

 Hat-trick hero, Dejan, who scored his third ever hat-trick in the league, marked his name in the 3rd place of the leading scorer standings with 5 goals.
In the meantime, FC Seoul players on loan to Sangju; Hyo-jin Choi, Chi-woo Kim, and Jong-min Lee, all made their appearance in the match showing great forms. Especially, Choi played magnificently, scoring the second goal for his military side, Sangju.
However, tight schedule still awaits the club.
Soulites flew to Hangzhou on the following day to prepare for the ACL match against the Chinese side, hoping for their recent success to be continued in the Asian stage, too.  

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