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Ju Se-jong pulls off an invaluable goal at away
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The FA Cup finals have been unveiled finally. Though Seoul allowed a loss, the team managed to prevent whitewashing by finding the net, thereby laying a stepping stone to the second leg of the final round. The one goal found today will serve as an invaluable asset for Seoul, who will invite the Suwon Bluewings to their home stadium on December 3rd.   

Seoul employed a 4-3-3 formation for the game. In the forefront stood Dejan Damjanovic, with Yun Il-lok and Cho Chan-ho boosting the speed of the game from each side. The center was manned by Ju Se-jong, Osmar Barba, and Lee Seok-hyun, who passed the ball to the right men at the right time. Kim Chi-woo and Ko Kwang-min covered the side defense with Kim Nam-chun and Kwak Tae-hwi taking the center. Goalkeeper Yoo Hyun also made the list as usual.  

Seoul, the visitors of the game, pushed the opponents hard from the start. In the 7th minute, Cho Chan-ho collected the ball from Lee Seok-hyun before whipping in a quick cross to Dejan, who was dashing towards the goal, but his attempt for a header fell through. There was a long-range effort from Osmar Barba in the 9th minute. However, it was Seoul that allowed an opener first. In the 14th minute, Seoul conceded a goal in a chaotic corner.  

The team recovered their focus and engaged back in the game in full swing. In the 24th minute, Kim Chi-woo’s free kick from the left side bounced off a defender, and Lee Seok-hyun pounced on it to strike it nonstop, but the ball flew straight to the goalkeeper. In the 28th minute, Ju Se-jong gave a lobbing pass to Cho Chan-ho, but Cho’s shot flew slightly off the goal. 

Seoul continued to pound the opponents left and right. In the 39th minute of the first half, Ju Se-jong earned a free kick near the penalty box, and kicker Dejan sent the ball zooming towards the goal, but it flew off the crossbar by a whisker. During the extra time, Dejan passed to Yun Il-lok, and on a one-on-one chance, Yun made a bold effort to strike the ball, but it missed the target once again. The many close chances shown in the first half certainly left the visitors with some hopes for the latter half of the game. 

Seoul’s tenacious effort to find the net bore fruit four minutes into the second half. Dejan dismantled the wall of defense in the right side with a tricky pass, before firing a powerful drive. The ball bounced off a defender, and Ju Se-jong collected the ball and found the net with remarkable calm.  

Unfortunately, Seoul allowed yet another goal 10 minutes later, but the team remained focused and made a sustained effort to equalize the game. Seoul substituted Adriano, Lee Kyu-ro, and Shim Woo-yeon in a bid to turn the game around, but it was difficult to find a chink in the armor. The final whistle was blown to signal the end of the game, and Seoul conceded the first game by 1-2. 

Still, a real chance is waiting for Seoul, which will decide the fate of the two teams once and for all. Seoul is determined to make their best effort in the last game of 2016 in order to secure the championship of the FA Cup. As defending champions, Seoul will strive to add one more trophy on the rack. 

Every pass and every move will matter in the final game. And a sweet victory will be awaiting Seoul after the 90 minutes of struggle. The scoring accomplished in an away game today will prove to be a huge leverage for Seoul in turning the tables around in the upcoming second leg of the FA Cup finals.
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