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FC Seoul defeated in a penalty shootout after 120-min struggle
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On May 17, the Seoul World Cup Stadium hosted the first knock-up stage for the 2017 KEB Hana Bank FA Cup, where FC Seoul allowed a loss to Busan IPark F.C. after a long-drawn match decided by a penalty shootout. The results are somewhat disappointing, but the players did their best during the 120 minutes of struggle.  

FC Seoul put Park Chu-young, their new captain from this season, at the center of the offense, with Yun Il-lok and Lee Sang-ho backing him up in the front line. Lee Seok-hyun and Ju Se-jong defended the second line of offense while Sim Sang-min and Go Yo-han stod on each side. Osmar Ibanez, Kim Won-sik, and Hwang Hyun-soo formed the defense, with GK Yoo Hyun standing guard at the goal. 

From the start of the first half, the hosts pushed the visitors hard in an aggressive formation. In the 6th minute, Go Yo-han’s threatening cross met Park Chu-young’s head, but the header missed the target by an inch. Yun Il-lok and Park Chu-young found the way forward based on a systemic exchange of accurate passes. The opposing side sought to find the net with intermittent counterattacks with a heavy emphasis on defense, but Seoul had Kim Won-sik and Osbar Ibanez neutralizing such efforts. In the 24th minute, Lee Seok-hyun made a bold attempt to open the scoring from a distance, but the ball flew directly to the goalkeeper. The hosts kept on pounding them left and right to the last minute of the first half, but the 45-minute regulation time was finished without any goal found. 

FC Seoul continued to dominate the game in the latter half. In the 6th minute, Lee Seok-hyun collected a razor pass from Yun Il-lok and unleashed a very promising drive. In the 20th minute, Dejan was brought in to replace Park Chu-young, who boasted sharp movements during the first half. In the 32nd minute, Dejan pounced upon Go Yo-han’s pinpoint cross to strike a diving header, but the ball was caught by the goalkeeper. 

Seven minutes later, Dejan collected yet another cross from Sim Sang-min to unleash a header, but this time again, his effort was blocked by the goalkeeper. Roughly a minute later, Dejan secured the ball from a corner kick to have a go, but the trajectory was slightly higher than the target. In the 43rd minute, Seoul called Yoon Seung-won, who has found the net for two games in a row, to fuel their offensive effort. While the hosts mounted ceaseless attacks against Busan, but the game entered the extra time. 

FC Seoul’s attacks showed no signs of abating in the extra time. In the 5th minute, Ju Se-jong tore down the left side of the defense wall and tried to pass the ballot the center, but failed. Sim Sang-min made yet another dash down the left side, but his cross failed to find any suitable head. Seoul continued to fight to find the net in the latter half of the extra time. Dejan opened up a horizon to find the net with a wide range of movement. Despite the heavy schedule, Seoul players did their best to the very last minute. In the 8th minute, Seoul fended off the attacks in a free kick piece. Right before the end of the latter half, Osmar whipped in a cross to the center but it hit a defender, nudging the game into a penalty shootout. 

FC Seoul poured everything they had left into the shootout. The game was not decided by the fifth kickers, and Seoul were defeated after a long-drawn penalty shootout with their 9th kick having had a go. 

Though disappointing, the game saw Seoul players making their best possible effort for a win. From now on, Seoul will focus on the regular season and make an extra effort to win a second consecutive championship title. Three days later, on May 20, Seoul will host Gangwon F.C. for the 12th round of the 2017 K-League Classic. Fans are hoping that they will secure a win and get back on track to preeminence. 

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