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FC Seoul defeated 2-3 in Gwangju despite Kwak’s header
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Kwak Tae-hwi scored his first goal since coming back to FC Seoul. Dejan added one more, but time was not on their side. On July 9, FC Seoul were defeated 2-3 by Gwangju F.C.

FC Seoul adopted a 4-3-3 formation. Centerbacks Osmar Ibanez and Kwak Tae-hwi formed the defense with Lee Kyu-ro and Shin Gwang-hoon standing on each side, and GK Yang Han-been guarded the goalposts. Lee Sang-ho took the helm in the center with Ju Se-jong and Lee Myung-joo backing him up from behind. Park Chu-young stood on the forefront of the offense, with shadow forwards Yoon Seung-won and Cho Chan-ho on each side. 

FC Seoul fired the first shot on target in the early minuets of the game when Yoon Seung-won made an ambitious effort from a good distance. In the 13th minute, Kwak Tae-hwi’s header hit the crossbar, sending shudders down the spine of defenders, but it was called offside. The visitors led the game based on swift distributions of the ball between Lee Sang-ho, Ju Se-jong, and Lee Myung-joo. In the 28th minute, Cho Chan-ho collected a feed pass from Lee Myung-joo and had a go, but his shot was blocked by the defense. Goalkeeper Yang Han-been boasted composed defense abilities. 

In the 35th minute, Lee Myung-joo got injured by a rough challenge from a defender, and Lee Seok-hyun filled the gap. It was right after the substitution that Seoul were caught off guard. After conceding the opener, Seoul faced yet another crisis in the 37th minute, but they restored their calm and started to lead the ball possession again. The first half was closed without an equalizer. 

Upon the start of the latter half, Seoul substituted Khaled Shafiei for Yoon Seung-won. Making his first appearance since joining FC Seoul, Khaled was put in the position of defensive midfielder, reshuffling the positions of Osmar and Lee Sang-ho. Immediately after the substitution, Khaled recorded his first shot on target in a far distance, which was followed by a long throw-in in the right side. In the 3rd minute of the second half, the game came back to square one at last. Ju Se-jong whipped in a corner kick, and Kwak Tae-hwi found the net with a precise header. It was his first scoring since he came back to FC Seoul in summer last year. 

After netting the equalizer, Seoul continued to pommel the opponents. However, Seoul made a minor mistake and allowed yet another goal in the 11th minute. In the 30th minute, Dejan Damjanovic appeared on the pitch in place of Cho Chan-ho. The substitution showed how serious they were to find the net. Unfortunately, Seoul allowed the third goal in two minutes. The visitors did their best for the remainder of the game. During the final injury time, Dejan pulled back one for Seoul, marking his 9th scoring this season. Despite the constant efforts, the game was closed at the end of the day. 

Over the next two weeks, FC Seoul will go through five consecutive games through weekdays and weekends. The first goal is to carve out a win against Pohang Steelers, which will take place at home on the 12th of July. Seoul will make their best effort to restore confidence before the home fans and make strides for the bigger goal.
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