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Dejan presents yet another victory for Seoul against the Steelers
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Dejan held the limelight as man of the game again. On the 12th of July, FC Seoul achieved their consecutive win at home against the Steelers thanks to a decider found by Dejan Damjanovic.  

In charge of the final line of defense was GK Yang Han-been with Lee Kyu-ro, Hwang Hyun-soo, Kwak Tae-hwi, and Sin Gwang-hoon forming a four-back defense. Ju Se-jong, Osmar Ibanez, and Go Yo-han stood in the middle, with Yun Il-lok, Park Chu-young, and Lee Sang-ho aiming at the goal on the front line. 

Seoul cranked up their ball possession with the midfielders at the center of the effort. In the 7th minute, Seoul intercepted the ball through strong pressure, and Lee Sang-ho collected it to whip in a cross from the right, and Park Chu-young received the pass to record the first shot on target for Seoul. Seoul sought to tear down the left side of the wall through the agile legs of Go Yo-han and Lee Sang-ho. In the 13th minute, Kwak Tae-hwi collected Yun Il-lok’s free kick with a strong header, but it hit the upper side of the goalposts. 

In the 15th minute, Park Chu-young collected a pass from a fantastic passing on the left side, but Park’s effort was blocked by the goalkeeper. Afterwards, Seoul sought to find the net through both sides of the pitch. In the 19th minute, Yun Il-lok collected the ball from Lee Kyu-ro before sending an unexpected shot, but it flew head-on to the goalkeeper. Five minutes later, Lee Kyu-ro collected a long pass in the right and used his head to pass the ball to Yun Il-lok. Yun in turn deftly collected the pass to have a go, but the goalkeeper managed to fend it off. 

Yun Il-lok proved himself to be a threat for the opposing defenders. While the visitors made a sporadic effort for counterattacks, Seoul boasted watertight defense with Kwak Tae-hwi at the center of the bulwark. In the 38th minute, Go Yo-han earned a foul and kicker Park Chu-young took care of the free kick, in which Ju Se-jong managed to make a header only to see it blocked by the goalkeeper again. In the 40th minute of the first half, Park Chu-young intercepted the ball from a defender and struck a surprise shot with his left foot, but the ball found its way to the goalkeeper. Despite the constant effort, the first half was closed without scoring. 

Seoul continued to lead the game throughout the latter half of the regulation time. In the 8th minute, Yun Il-lok passed to Park Chu-young, and Park charged down before sending the ball towards Ju Se-jong in the left space. Ju tried to peel off the goalkeeper, but the ball was blocked by the tip of the goalkeeper’s hand. The ball bounced off to Go Yo-han, but Go’s effort missed the target. In the 10th minute, Go Yo-han passed the ball to Ju Se-jong near the box, and Ju had a stab to open the scoring, but the ball hit a defender and flew wide the goalposts. 

In the 15th minute, Seoul allowed a penalty kick, but it was canceled by a VAR ruling. In the 18th minute, Seoul brought in Lee Kyu-ro and Sim Sang-min to inject vitality in each side. In the 20th minute, Osmar Ibanez catapulted a heavy shot from an optimistic distance, and it flew to the right side of the target. In the 23rd minute, Seoul replaced Park Chu-young with Dejan Damjanovic in a bid to make a difference.  

Their efforts bore fruit at last. In the 30th minute, Ju Se-jong whipped in a cross from the right to Yun Il-lok, and Yun in turn gave it to Dejan with a header. Befitting his reputation as a closer, Dejan found the net with easy tap-in so effortlessly. Seoul did not fall into complacency despite the lead, with Yun Il-lok and Dejan making a ceaseless effort to find more goals. In the 44th minute, Yun Il-lok, who made his fair share of contributions to the game, was replaced with Lee Sang-ho, and Lee made an ambitious effort to net yet another goal, but it was blocked by the goalkeeper. Seoul staved off the attempts from the opposing side for the remainder of the game to secure the second consecutive win at home. 

Thanks to the win, Seoul secured a crucial three points, which will serve as a stepping stone to leaping into the leading herd of the league. The win also boosted their confidence, which will be vital for the upcoming away matches that Seoul faces. Having boasted superb performance, Seoul will spur an effort to join the top dogs on the tables by completing their road trips to Jeju and Incheon with flying colors.
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