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FC Seoul defeated 1-2 to Jeonbuk, with their winning streaks coming to a halt
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On Round 23 of the 2017 K League Classic, FC Seoul allowed a close defeat to Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors 1-2, which had been hosted at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 23rd of July. 

Seoul adopted a 4-3-3 formation. Park Chu-young, Yun Il-lok, and Yoon Seung-won formed a triangle on the forefront to find the net, and Ju Se-jong, Go Yo-han, and Osmar Ibanez backed them up in the middle. Kim Won-gun, Kwak Tae-hwi stood in the center of defense, with Shin Kwang-hoon, Lee Kyu-ro filling the gap on each side. GK Yang Han-been made his usual appearance.  

The game was tight from the early minutes. Seoul unfolded their offense with short passes. The opponents fought back, but Seoul’s defense and GK Yang Han-been fended off the attempts with calm. In the 19th minute, Jeonbuk had a promising chance, but luckily enough the ball flew head-on the goalkeeper. It was immediately followed by Seoul’s offensives. Ju Se-jong fired a shot near the box to the other end of the goalposts, a defender staved it off, and Lee Kyu-ro dashed in to collect the ball again and volley it, but his shot flew slightly off the target. 

In the 25th minute, Ju Se-jong was sidelined while competing with a defender for ball possession. Seoul switched to a 4-4-1 formation. Outnumbered, the team struggled unavoidably but managed to keep their defense strong enough. Before the end of the first half, Park Chu-young had a go to find the opener from a free kick, but the ball went slightly wide the left side of the goalposts. 

Seoul spurred an effort further upon the start of the latter half. Despite the numbers disadvantage and scorching weather, players remained strong. In the 11th minute, Lee Sang-ho was substituted for Yoon Seung-won. Two minutes later, Seoul allowed an opener. In the 17th minute, Yun Il-lok sent a drive spinning towards the right side of the goalposts from the left, but it was blocked by the goalkeeper.  

Five minutes later, Dejan Damjanovic appeared on the pitch to replace Park Chu-young. In the 27th minute, Osmar Ibanez had a go from a good distance, but the ball went wide the goalposts. While Seoul made a continuous effort to find an equalizer, the team allowed yet another goal five minutes later. The two-point gap did not make them give up. In the 35th minute, Seoul added further momentum with the substation of Kova in place of Kim Won-gun.   

It was in the last minute of the latter half that Seoul managed to pull back one when Dejan collected a corner kick from Kova and found the net with a neat header. Seoul continued to pommel the opponents during the injury time, but the game was closed with the final whistle of the referee. 

Seoul’s winning streaks over the past three games came to a halt, but the 23,000 spectators sent a round of enthused applause to the Seoul players who did their best to the last minute. It was a tribute to their defiance to compromise despite such sizzling weather. Seoul will have their squad beefed up during the upcoming all-star break to prepare for the race to join the leading group.
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