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Seoul dominates summer with a 3-1 victory against Gangwon
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On Aug. 2, FC Seoul trounced Gangwon F.C. 3-1 at home, making a head-start for the new month. 

Seoul’s formation choice was 4-3-3. GK Yang Han-been guarded the goal. Captain Kwak Tae-hwi and Hwang Hyun-soo stood in the center of the defense with Kim Chi-woo and Shin Kwang-hoon manning each side. Osmar Ibanez was the top of a triangle in the middle backed by Lee Sang-ho and Lim Min-hyeok. At the forefront stood Dejan Damjanovic, with Ivan Kovacec, who is affectionately dubbed Kova, and Yun Il-lok offering support fire.  

Seoul made an aggressive effort from the early minutes of the game. In the first minute, Lee Sang-ho charged down the right side to whip in a sharp cross, which was blocked unfortunately. In the 4th minute, Kova sent a pinpoint cross towards Dejan, but it did not lead to a chance for a header. 

Seoul made an efficient use of both sides in mounting their offensives. In the 25th minute, Lim Min-hyeok sent shudders down the spine of Gangwon with a powerful shot from a good distance. Two minutes later, Lim sent an awe-inspiring long pass towards Kim Chi-woo, drawing admiration from the spectators. In the 37th minute, Kova collected a pass from Lim Min-hyeok, but it did not lead to a chance. Four minutes later, Yun Il-lok lobbed a low cross towards Dejan from the left side, but his attempt was blocked by a defender.  

The heat was almost suffocating, but Seoul players were wise enough to keep their pace throughout the game. The first half was closed without a goal, but expectations had been raised for the latter half. 

Seoul embarked on the second regulation time without substitution. In the 6th minute, Lee Sang-ho tore down the left side of the walls to cross the ball to the center, signaling the start of attacks to come. Three minutes later, Dejan collected a pass from Lee Sang-ho after making his way into the void of defense. With that, the warm-up hit the critical mass. In the 13th minute, Yun Il-lok gave an accurate cross, and Dejan found an opener with an impeccable header. The assist, Yun’s 9th this season, cemented his standing as the best assists provider. The scoring was Dejan’s 15th this season, taking him a step closer to the best scorer of the league. 

Three minutes later, however, Seoul were caught off guard with a long-ranged drive from the opposing side. Despite the bitter equalizer, Seoul continued to push the opponents. Two minutes later, Kim Chi-woo fired a strong shot, which hit the side of the goal. In the 24th minute, Kova was replaced by Yoon Seung-won, and four minutes later, Sim Sang-min was substituted in place of Kim Chi-woo. In the 32nd minute, Seoul used their final substitution on Kim Won-sik in a bid to inject vitality into the midfield. 

In the 34th minute, Seoul secured a valuable chance in the center of the arc. Dejan used his right foot to give a spin to the ball, but it flew over the upper bar. Seoul’s ceaseless efforts to find the net soon bore fruit. In the 39th minute, Yuk Il-lok sent a corner kick, and Hwang Hyun-soo netted his first goal since debut with a timely header. Yun chalked up his 10th assist for the season.  

Right before the end of the game, Dejan peeled off his defenders and gave an open chance to Lee Sang-ho, who sealed the fate of the game with the third goal for his team. Seoul handled the remainder of the game with comfort, securing three win points and fueling their race to join the leading group. 

FC Seoul has ranked themselves at fifth by defeating Gangwon with a comfortable lead in the first game since the all-star break. On Saturday, Seoul will go on a road trip to Daegu to fuel the robust momentum. 
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