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FC Seoul draws 2-2 with Daegu, with Dejan scoring 4 games running
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Befitting the reputation, the summer of Daegu was scorching. On Aug. 5, FC Seoul tied with Daegu F.C. by 2-2 on Round 25 of the 2017 KEB Hana Bank K-League Classic, on the back of Dejan and Yun Il-lok’s scorings. Proving to thrive in summer seasons, Dejan found the net for the fourth consecutive match, netting six goals over four games, and Yun Il-lok reached his own personal best with 13 attack points (three goals and ten assists).  

Seoul placed Dejan Damjanovic at the top of the squad, with Lee Sang-ho, Go Yo-han, and Osmar Ibanez standing in the middle, while Yul Il-lok and Cho Chan-ho were dispatched on each wing position. The defense was centered around Kwak Tae-hwi and Hwang Hyun-soo, with Kim Chi-woo and Shin Kwang-hoon filling the gap on each side. GK Yang Han-been made the line-up as well. Seoul’s growing momentum was instantly felt from the beginning of the game. It took only four minutes for Seoul to net an opener. Yun Il-lok tore down the wall on the left side to deliver a cross to the center, where Dejan trapped the ball with remarkable composure and found the net with an effortless turning shot. Despite his age, the best scorer of Seoul proved both flexible and powerful in executing his first shot on target for the day. The 16th scoring allowed him to continue to fuel his ferocious momentum. 

Seoul’s pounding did not let up there. The barrage of attacks continued left and right. Their efforts seemed to bear fruit again in the 19th minute when Dejan found the net again in a set piece. However, a whistle from the referee was followed as Kwak Tae-hwi’s header for Dejan was deemed a foul. It was a rather dubious call on the part of the umpire. 

In the 20th minute, Seoul allowed a goal. Things happened quickly, and a short lapse of focus cost Seoul an unexpected equalizer. It felt more bitter owing to the umpire’s previous decision. But Seoul remained calm. Cho Chan-ho and Lee Sang-ho created chances, stirring the defense in the right. Such prowess was symmetrical with Go Yo-han and Yun Il-lok teaming up to tear down the defensive wall on the left side. Seoul’s powerful side attacks were reinforced further thanks to Shin Kwang-hoon and Kim Chi-woo. 

In the latter half, Kim Won-sik and Kova joined in the pitch. The substitution was a bold move to seal a win. On his third appearance since joining the squad, Kova proved to be a threat to the opposing defenders. The Croatian stirred the left side with pinpoint crosses and powerful shots. His effort bore fruit soon. It was in the 23rd minute of the latter half that Dejan gave an open pass to Yun Il-lok, who in turn quickly exchanged passes with Kova before striking a thunderous shot into the left corner of the goalposts. It was a textbook scoring where the trio of Dejan, Yun, and Kova worked together with seamless cohesion. Thanks to the goal, Yun Il-lok tied his season record of 13 attack points, with three goals and ten assists. The versatile forward of FC Seoul proved himself to be in elite form as the best assists provider of the league and as an increasingly reliable finisher. 

However, the game was equalized again merely five minutes before the end of the game. Though it wasn’t a three-point win, the results were still meaningful, considering that the players had gone through a long road trip in such a hot weather. Above all, the scorings from Dejan and Yun as well as Kova’s promising performance greatly raised expectations for the upcoming big game, the Super Match with Suwon Samsung Bluewings. 

The upcoming showdown will take place on August 12 (Sat). There will be yet another road trip, but the 11 men of FC Seoul are ready to commit. The week-long preparations will add a robust momentum to FC Seoul.  

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