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FC Seoul wins the Super Match against Suwon 1-0
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The presence of supporters was overwhelming and empowering. And it was together with the fans that FC Seoul notched up yet another win against Suwon Samsung Bluewings in the proverbial Super Match. The rivalry between the two prestigious football clubs of South Korea expanded further into segmented contests between Dejan and Johnathan, and Yun Il-lok and Yeom Gi-hoon, each for the title of the best scores and assists of the league. At the end of the day, it was Seoul’s watertight defense that determined the fate of the match. 

FC Seoul adopted a 4-3-3 formation. Goalkeeper Yang Han-been made the line-up, with Lee Kyu-ro, Hwang Hyun-soo, Kim Won-gun, and Shin Kwang-hoon forming the four-back defense. Osmar Ibanez, Lee Sang-ho, and Go Yo-han were placed in the middle, with Dejan Damjanovic standing on top of the frontline along with two shadow strikers, Kova and Yun Il-lok. 

Upon the start of the first half, Seoul led the game with remarkable stability, gradually increasing ball possession. Kova and Yun Il-lok stirred the defense in each side with outstanding agility. In the 15th minute, Kova possessed the ball in a counterattack to dash down the pitch at full throttle from the arc area, peeling off several defenders and reaching the arc of the other side of the field with dazzling dribbling skills. 

In the 19th minute, Seoul created a free kick chance near the corner. Yun Il-lok lobed the ball near the goalposts, and Dejan soared to make a header, but his attempt was blocked by the goalkeeper. This boosted the morale of the visitors, allowing them impetus to pommel the hosts for the remainder of the first 45 minutes. 

Seoul’s offensives proved to be unflinching and tenacious. During the extra time of the first half, Seoul earned a free kick chance in front of the penalty arc. Dejan sent a powerful free kick, but the ball bounced off the wall of defenders. And the whistle was blown to signal the end of the first half. 

Seoul intensified their offense upon the start of the latter half. It was Go Yo-han who heralded the beginning of attacks in the 4th minute. Lee Sang-ho’s cross hit a defender, and Go Yo-han collected the ball to unleash an impactful shot on target. But the shot went head-on to the goalkeeper. The barrage of attacks from the visitors came to fruition in the 15th minute. Lee Sang-ho peeled off a defender in the left side before whipping in a low cross towards Lee Sang-ho, and the ball hit off the foot of a defender to find a way into the goalposts. The own goal was a testimony to Seoul’s tenacity and their legitimacy as winners of the game. In the 19th minute, Go Yo-han, who fulfilled his part by inducing the own goal, gave his position to Ju Se-jong so that his fresh legs can add agility to the middle of Seoul’s squad. 

Seoul cut off the opponents’ attempts at the goal with steadfast defense, and in the 30th minute, GK Yang Han-been made a superb save, catching a powerful drive from a good distance. In the 33rd minute, Dejan traced a corner kick from Yun Il-lok to send a powerful header towards the goal, but it was blocked by the goalie. Two minutes later, Yun Il-lok boasted his outstanding positioning instinct. Yun carved out a promising chance, exchanging passes with Dejan with comfort, but his powerful shot hit a defender and flew wide the goalposts. Seoul maintained their focus to the end, substituting Kim Won-sik in the 90th minute. Fending off the attacks from the hosts, Seoul kept their lead to the final whistle in a round of enthused applause from their fans, who travelled from Seoul to Suwon for their team. 

Winning the third Super Match of 2017, Seoul’s records against Suwon stand at 2-1-0 this season. The win also allowed Manager Hwang Sun-hong to remain undefeated against Suwon since he joined FC Seoul. The next round for FC Seoul will take place at home against Ulsan Hyundai Motors on the 19th of August (Sat). Seoul will be seeking to keep their winning streaks running and hold the limelight of summer season.
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