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FC Seoul tie with Jeju 0-0 to remain undefeated 5 games running
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The K-League Classic has finally resumed after a three-week break. Having hosted Jeju to Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 9th of September, FC Seoul closed the match 0-0, keeping their records undefeated for five games in a row (two wins and three draws). 

Seoul adopted a 4-3-3 formation. The frontline was covered by Dejan Damjanovic, the second runner on the best scorer’s front, with Kova and Yun Il-lok backing him up in a triangle. Ha Dae-sung came back to the squad to command the midfield along with Lee Sang-ho and Osmar Ibanez. Four men formed the defense line, with Kim Chi-woo and Sin Kwang-hoon standing on each side, and Kwak Tae-hwi and Hwang Hyun-soo put in the center to fend off attacks. GK Yang Han-been complemented the line-up.

The game was tight from the beginning, both teams busy engaging in the offense. Seoul sought to tear down the sides with Kova at the center of the efforts. In the 12th minute, the Croatian forward peeled off three defenders around the half line before sending the ball towards Dejan, but it did not lead to scoring. Four minutes later, Kova whipped in a quick cross to Dejan, who made a header towards the goal, but it flew off target. The defense provided a stable build-up, facilitating Seoul’s efforts in the offense. 

In the 26th minute, GK Yang Han-been unleashed remarkable agility to fend off Jeju’s attack, drawing loud roars from the crowd. The attacks from the visitors grew fiercer midway through the first half, but Seoul’s defenders refused to allow space to them. Ha Dae-sing, the erstwhile commander of FC Seoul, boasted top-level performance both in the offense and defense. The former captain of the team played a bridging role between them with effortless turns and one-touch passes. The hosts closed the first half of the game without allowing a goal, on the back of the goalie’s reliable saves and steadfast defense. 

The early minutes of the latter half belonged to FC Seoul. In the 1st minute, Kova penetrated into the back space of the defenders to have a go, but it flew wide the target. The Croatian unleashed his full potential as a goal-getter during the second regulation time. In the 15th minute, Dejan dashed towards the center from the left side and fired a shot, but the ball went head-on to the goalkeeper. Seoul continued to push the opponents much to the excitement of fans. 

In the 27th minute, Seoul boosted their aggression by making twin substitutions of Park Chu-young and Lee Myung-joo, who came back from his injury break for Dejan and Ha Dae-sung. It was Lee’s first appearance in two months since he sustained injury in the 19th round against Gwangju. The two players displayed aggressive plays in the middle and the frontline. It was in the 40th minute that Seoul used their final substitution. Ju Se-jong filled up the role of Kova, who boasted dominance throughout the game. The last minutes saw some perilous counterattacks from Jeju, but Seoul’s defense and goalkeeper fended them off with seamless coordination. Seoul sought to open the scoring to the last minute of the game, but the whistle was blown to signal the end of the game at 0-0. 

Adding a single win point, Seoul continued on their undefeated streaks. Becoming much more cohesive during the three-week break, Seoul demonstrated top-notch performance that raised the expectations of fans, despite the scoreless draw. The Seoulites are preparing for an away match with Incheon on the 17th of September, and they are determined to close the gap with the leaders on the tables.
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