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FC Seoul defeated by Incheon 0-1
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On Sep. 17, FC Seoul allowed a close defeat to Incheon United by 0-1 for the 29th round of the 2017 KEB Hana Bank K League Classic. 

Seoul adopted a 4-3-3 formation. GK Yang Han-been made the line-up. Kim Chi-woo and Shin Kwang-hoon stood on each side of the defense with Hwang Hyun-soo and Khaled at the center of the line. In the middle, Ha Dae-sung, Lee Sang-ho, and Osmar Ibanez formed a triangle. Seoul’s most productive scorer Dejan Damjanovic was in the center of the offensives, with Kova and Yun Il-lok forming wings on each side.  

Seoul began to crank up ball possession, dominating the game from the earliest minutes of it. In the 9th minute, Lee Sang-ho earned a free-kick from the right side of the penalty box. Yun Il-lok lobbed a cross, but it was cleared by a defender’s header. FC Seoul sought to find space in each side with Ha Dae-sung coordinating the offense and defense in the middle. In the 16th minute, Lee Sang-ho peeled off a defender with an effortless turn before sending the ball towards the center, but it did not lead to a shot on target. 

In the 20th minute, Ha Dae-sung wisely exploited a counterattack before striking a powerful shot to the goalkeeper, but it was fended off and found its way towards Yun Il-lok. While Yun volleyed the ball immediately, the shot flew slightly over the upper bar. Two minutes later, Osmar Ibanez exchanged two-to-one passes with Dejan and dashed down the side before whipping in a non-stop cross, the but the ball flew to the goalkeeper head-on. In the 27th minute, Dejan delivered a sharp through pass to Ha Dae-sung, but it flew slightly further than intended.

In the 33rd minute, Go Yo-han stepped in the pitch to replace Kova, who sustained injury. In the 37th minute, Seoul earned a free kick chance, where Khaled managed a powerful header to shake the side net of the goalposts. In the 42nd minute, GK Yang Han-been saved his team, making an acrobatic effort to make a save. The two-minute injury time was consumed, and the first half was closed scoreless. 

Seoul entered the latter half of the game without substitutions. Two minutes into the second half, Seoul faced a perilous moment, but GK Yang made yet another superb save. In a counterattack that followed, Dejan dashed towards the goal but had to see his shot blocked by the goalie. In the fourth minute, Lee Sang-ho collected a pass from Osmar and tore down the right side, but his efforts did not yield a chance to make a cross. In the 13th minute, Seoul used their second substitution card. Lee Myung-joo was substituted for Khaled. The replacement quickly injected vitality into the squad with active movements. 

In the 20th minute, Dejan collected a pass from Lee Myung-joo and tried a dazzling turning shot, but the ball flew head-on to the goalkeeper. Five minutes later, Hwang Hyun-soo collected a cross from Kim Chi-woo and had a stab at finding the net, but it flew off target. In the 30th minute, Seoul earned multiple chances in a row, but Dejan’s shot hit a defender, and Lee Myung-joo’s flew directly to the goalkeeper. 

Seoul used their final substitution on Park Chu-young, replacing Dejan in an attempt to make a difference in the scoreboard. In the 33rd minute, Yun Il-lok sent a free kick, and Go Yo-han made a header, but it was blocked by the goalie. In the 37th minute, Go Yo-han made yet another attempt to find the net with his left foot, but it was blocked again. In the 43rd minute, Seoul allowed an opener first, after so many attempts to find the net. A video refereeing was mobilized to clarify an offside foul, but the first call remained unchanged. Seoul sought to equalize the game during the extra time of the latter half, but the game was closed without further scoring in the end. 

FC Seoul are getting on a road trip to Gwangju on the 20th of September. The visitors are determined to come back with a win and spur their final effort for the homestretch of the season.

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