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FC Seoul crush Gwangju 4-1
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FC Seoul went on a four-goal scoring spree against Gwangju F.C. 
On the 20th of September, FC Seoul won a 4-1 victory against Gwangju on Round 30 of 2017 KEB Hana Bank K League Classic, laying a stepping stone to joining the leading group for the championship of regular season. 

Seoul employed a 4-3-3 formation. Goalkeeper Yang Han-been stood on the final line of defense while Kwak Tae-hwi and Hwang Hyun-soo took charge of the center with Lee Kyu-ro and Shin Gwang-hoon standing on each side. Ju Se-jong, Go Yo-han, and Osmar Ibanez formed a triangle in the middle, and Park Chu-young was placed on top of a triangle in the frontline with Yun Seung-won and Lee Sang-ho offering support fire from wing positions. 

It was as early as in the second minute of the game that Seoul allowed an opener in a penalty kick, but the players remained unshaken and began to turn the tide of the game, with a stable exchange of accurate passes. In the 9th minute, Park Chu-young collected a pass from Ju Se-jong to give a non-stop pass towards Yun Seung-won, who peeled off a defender with an effortless feint before finding the net with a calm execution to send the ball into the right side of the goalposts. 

In the 14th minute, Yun Seung-won boasted a remarkable first touch to unleash a powerful drive, but it flew over the bar. It did not take much time for Seoul to turn the tables around. In the 19th minute, Hwang Hyun-soo soared in the air to collect a header from Ju Se-jong’s free kick and netted the second goal for his team with a potent header. Seoul managed the game with ease. In the 24th minute, Ju Se-jong took on yet another free kick, but it did not find any head this time. In the 33rd minute, the opposing side threatened Seoul with a thunderous shot, but GK Yang Han-been fended it off with a superb save.  

Things went even more favorable for Seoul in the 41st minute. The goalkeeper punched a cross from Lee Sang-ho, and the ball hit a defender and found its way back into the goal. The godsend marked the third scoring and a comfortable two-point lead for FC Seoul. The first half was closed without further trouble, thanks to Seoul’s stable performance. 

Seoul modulated their pace to their needs in the latter half of the game. Yun Seung-won and Lee Sang-ho sought to find the net again, on the back of their agility. Lee Kyu-ro made selfless, acrobatic efforts when needed to keep the lead of his team. 

In the 20th minute, Lee Myung-joo was substituted to bolster the middle, and the team found one more goal in a minute. Yun Seung-won collected the ball from Lee Myung-joo before sending it to Osmar, who used his left foot to send the ball zooming into the right corner of the goal. It was his second goal this season, following the first one 141 days earlier when the Spanish found a goal against Jeonnam Dragons in May despite nose injury.

While intermittent attempts were made to find the net by the opponents, GK Yang Han-been boasted watertight defense, denying them any chance. Seoul sealed the victory by bringing in Ha Dae-sung and Dejan Damjanovic. Though there was a close chance for the opposing team to find the net right before the end, GK Yang made yet another spectacular save. In the end, Seoul closed the game by 4-1, earning a valuable three point in an away match. 

Seoul raised the expectations of their fan that the team will present even more powerful offense in the latter half of the season with Yun Seung-won making one goal and one assist, and Hwang Hyun-soo and Osmar Ibanez finding the net for each. 

With three matches ahead before the start of the Split Round, FC Seoul is aiming to amass as many points as possible for the next leg of the season. The upcoming fixture for Seoul will take place on September 24 at Seoul World Cup Stadium against Pohang Steelers.
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