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FC Seoul tied with Pohang, with Osmar scoring two games running
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FC Seoul added one more win point, tying 1-1 against Pohang Steelers on Round 31 of the 2017 KEB Hana Bank K League Classic on September 24. 

FC Seoul adopted a 4-2-3-1 formation. They put Park Chu-young at the frontline, with Lee Sang-ho and Yun Seung-won backing him up from each wing. Osmar Ibanez and Ju Se-jong stood in the rear of the center with Go Yo-han connecting the dot of a triangle in the front-middle. Lee Kyu-ro and Shin Kwang-hoon filled up the sides of a four-back line with Kim Won-kyun and Kwak Tae-hwi placed in the center. 

The first shot of the game came in one minute. Yun Seung-won picked up the ball from a corner kick to fire the first shot for the day with his left foot, but it was blocked by a defender. Two minutes later, GK Yang Han-been made a superb save to prevent the opponents from exploiting a one-on-one chance. Seoul made a strong push to the Steelers from the early minutes of the game, keeping high ball possession in the middle. In the 13th minute, Lee Sang-ho earned a free kick, and Park Chu-young took on the challenge. The ball travelled on a fantastic trajectory but ended up hitting the bar, and Osmar wisely positioned himself and found an opener with an easy tap-in in the 15th minute of the first half.  

Afterwards, Seoul kept the upper hand of the game, with the defense and midfield shutting out any attempt to find the net from the Steelers. In the 35th minute, Lee Sang-ho’s through pass led to Park Chu-young, who in turn relayed it nonstop towards Yun Seung-won, but it did not lead to scoring. During the extra time of the first half, Lee Kyu-ro showed off dazzling dribbles before sending a powerful left-footed shot, but it was fended off by the goalkeeper, and the whistle signaled the end of the first 45 minutes. 

Upon the start of the latter half, Seoul substituted Lee Myung-joo for Lee Sang-ho and began to create chances to find the net from the early minutes. Seoul spurred their effort further by bringing in Yun Il-lok as substitution of Yun Seung-won. In the 26th minute, Yun Il-lok’s free kick found its way towards Osmar. The Spanish passed the ball immediately to the back so that Yun may strike an inside shot, but it flew slightly over the upper bar. Seoul continued to pressure Pohang with smooth passes and coordinated teamplay. In particular, Lee Myung-joo boasted remarkable performance with agile moves and accurate passes.  

However, Seoul ended up allowing an equalizer in the 35th minute. One minute later, Seoul brought in Dejan Damjanovic to demonstrate their determination to win the game. While the team created multiple chances, it was tough to find a way through the thick wall of defense that the Steelers forged. Seoul made an all-out effort to the last minute, with Dejan spearheading the offensive drive, but the game was soon over without further scoring. 

On Sep. 30, FC Seoul will go on a road trip to Suncheon Palma Stadium to have a faceoff against Jeonnam Dragons for Round 32 of the 2017 K League Classic. The Seoulites area determined to come back with flying colors to pave the way for the Asian Champions League.
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