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FC Seoul undefeated against Suwon for 10 consecutive games
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The Super Match on October 21 a watershed point for Dejan marking his 300th appearance in the local football league, which makes him the first foreign player to have reached the milestone. Having closed the four Super Matches with two wins and two draws this season, Seoul remained undefeated against their rival for 10 consecutive matches. The veteran striker found his 17th goal this season, and Yun Il-lok netted the second goal for his team from a superb pass of Ju Se-jong.  

Seoul used a 4-3-3 formation. GK Yang Han-been made his usual appearance, with Lee Kyu-ro, Hwang Hyun-soo, Lee Woong-hee, and Shin Kwang-hoon forming the four-man defense. Defensive Midfielder Ju Se-jong took the command of the middle with Lee Myung-joo and Go Yo-han making support fire from the sides. Dejan stood in the center of the frontline, with Yun Il-lok and Yun Seung-won standing on each side. 

Seoul made a proactive effort to find the net from the early minutes of the game. In the 8th minute, Yun Il-lok collected a pass from Yun Seung-won and dashed down before making a forward pass towards Dejan, but it was blocked by a tackle. Seoul had the two Yuns exploiting the side to boost the morale of the hosts. In the 12th minute, Yun Seung-won collected a cross from Yun Il-lok and volleyed it, but the goalkeeper managed to save it.  

Seoul spurred to find the opener. In the 19th minute, Ju Se-jong’s free kick bounced off the wall of defenders, and a minute later, Yun Il-lok had a go, which missed the target by a whisker. In the 28th minute, Yun Seung-won collected a cross from Go Yo-han and finished with his left foot, but his attempt was blocked by the goalkeeper. So the first half was closed 0-0. 

Seoul continued fierce offensives in the latter half of the game. Though the team allowed an opener in the early minutes of the game, Seoul had Dejan playing the role of the ace. Dejan signaled the start of his formidable aggression with a strong shot that hit the post in the early minutes of the second half. It was in the 11th minute that the scoring was opened. Lee Kyu-ro earned a penalty kick inside the box, and Dejan converted the spot kick with impeccable accuracy. The scoring was an apt celebration of Dejan’s 300th appearance in the South Korean football league. 

Seoul stepped up their game in a bid to find more goals. Collecting a pass from Ju Se-jong, Dejan made a turning shot, but the ball flew over the goal. It was in the 19th minute that the game was turned around. Ju Se-jong delivered a pinpoint pass towards Yun Il-lok, who was dashing ahead near the half line before finding the net with an impeccable one-touch finish. The hosts began to dominate the game from then on. 

In the 23rd minute, Lim Min-hyuk was substituted for Go Yo-han. While solidifying the defense, Seoul continued to pound on the opponents. The hosts sough to keep the lead but allowed a penalty kick shortly before the end of the game. And the game was closed 2-2 in the end. 

The draw allowed Seoul to extend their undefeated record streaks against Suwon to 10, with finishing the Super Matches of 2017 in two wins and two draws. Seoul will continue on their journey to advance into the ACL through the remaining three matches. The next match will take place a week later at Seoul World Cup Stadium against Ulsan Hyundai F.C.
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