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FC Seoul sink Ulsan 3-0, with Lee Myung-joo netting his debut goal for Seoul
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Both the performance and the weather were perfect for the game. On Oct. 28 (Sat), FC Seoul won a clean 3-0 victory against Ulsan Hyundai F.C. at home for the third Split Round of the 2017 KEB Hana Bank K League Classic. The hosts fueled their high upward momentum by keeping their records undefeated for 7 games running (4 wins and 3 draws), proving themselves still a viable contender for the ACL competition. 

FC Seoul adopted a 4-3-3 formation. GK Yang Han-been made the line-up, with Kim Chi-woo, Hwang Hyun-soo, Lee Woong-hee, and Lee Kyu-ro forming the defense. In the middle, Lee Myung-joo, Osmar Ibanez, and Ju Se-jong formed an inverted triangle. In the offense, Dejan stood on the frontline, while Yun Il-lok and Kim Han-gil were placed on each wing position.  

Desperate for a win, Seoul made a proactive effort to find the net from the early minutes of the game. It was in the 5th minute of the game that the first shot on target was launched. Yun Il-lok sent a promising free kick from the left, and Kim Han-gil collected it with a header, but the shot missed the goal. Three minutes later, Yun Il-lok gave a fast, low cross towards Kim Han-gil, who had a go again with his left foot but failed to find the net. The hosts continued to pound the opponents heavily with both wings stirring each side with fast-paced attacks. 

In the 19th minute, Kim Chi-woo’s sharp cross hit a defender before finding its way into the back, and Yun pounced upon it to have a go from an ambitious distance, but it flew over the goalposts. In the 22nd minute, Dejan collected Yun’s failed attempt to volley it, but it flew over the target again. It was in the 33rd minute that Seoul found their first goal. Lee Myung-joo collected the ball in the center and struck it without hesitation, sending it zooming into the goalposts. The shot travelled on an awe-inspiring trajectory, defying the most desperate attempt to block it by the goalkeeper. The opener emboldened the hosts to pressure the opposing side even harder. 

Three minutes later, Yun Il-lok unleashed a pinpoint shot, earning his team a corner kick. The ball drifted away from the center, and Kim Chi-woo collected it to lob it towards Osmar Ibanez, who found the second goal for his team with a header travelling over the goalkeeper. From then on, Seoul’s impetus grew fiercer. In the 44th minute, Ju Se-jong lobbed a direct pass from the half line to Yun Il-lok, who created an opportunity for Dejan to net the third goal for FC Seoul. It was yet another moment of celebration for Dejan, who had found his 300th goal in the Korean football league in the previous game. The first half was closed by 3-0.  

Upon the start of the second half, Ju Se-jong pulled off a pinpoint pass for Yun Il-lok from afar, as if boasting his recent elite form, but the spectacular pass was blocked by the defense. Seoul remained focused and inspired despite the comfortable lead. In the 6th minute, Seoul seemed to have allowed a critical chance to the opponents, but Lee Woong-hee made an acrobatic effort to stave it off. Seoul’s attacks continued. In the 14th minute, Lee Myung-joo made a brilliant lobbing pass at the center of the arc towards a dashing Yoon Seung-won, but the attempt was foiled by the goalie. 

In the 26th minute, Dejan managed to carve out a chance in midst of defenders, but his shot flew head-on to the goalkeeper. In the 34th minute, Yun Il-lok and Lee Myung-joo exchanged precision passes in the defense area, and Dejan unleashed a powerful shot, but it found its way to the goalkeeper. Substituted, Park Chu-young boasted dazzling skills peeling off a couple of defenders and earning himself a foul. In the 41st minute, Park made a bold effort to add to the scoreboard after collecting a pass from Yun and Ju, but this time it was blocked by the defense. Undeterred, Park tore down the right side the penalty box to send a powerful shot to the goal, but it was caught by the goalkeeper again. The hosts ran the game stably for the remainder of the time until the final whistle was blown to signal a 3-0 victory for FC Seoul. 

Having earned another three win points, Seoul were allowed to continue their bid for the advancement into the ACL next year. In fact, Seoul did not allow any loss on the Split Round from last year, and they are proving that the team thrives on the Split, extending their undefeated record to 8 (5 wins and 3 draws). On Nov. 4, FC Seoul will go on a road trip to Chuncheon for an away match with Gangwon F.C. The players will strive to capitalize on the momentum of late.
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