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Seoul defeated to Gangwon 1-2, Park Chu Young netting his season opener
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FC Seoul suffered a bitter loss by 1-2 in the second round of the 2018 K League 1, which took place in Seoul World Cup Stadium. But Park Chu Young found his first goal this season with a header. 

Seoul adopted a 4-3-3 formation. GK Yang Han Been made the line-up, with Hwang Hyun Soo, Sim Sang Min, Lee Woong Hee, and Shin Kwang Hoon forming the four-back defense line. Sin Jin ho, Jung Hyun Cheol, and Kim Sung Soon stood in an inverted triangle in the middle. Kova and Anderson were placed on the tip of the wings, with Park Chu Young on the forefront of the attack. 

From the early minutes, Seoul made strong pressure. With Jung Hyun Cheol’s ambitious effort from a long distance signaling the start of the game, the hosts began to raise ball possession in the midfield. Kova and Anderson, who stirred the defense left and right, sought to open the scoring with sharp crosses and dashes. 

There were perilous moments for the hosts as well. In the 28th minute, a forward from the opposing side unleashed a powerful shot inside the penalty box, and GK Yang Han Been managed to fend it off. In the 34th minute, Seoul fought back with Kim Sung Joon’s shot followed by Sin Jin Ho’s free kick. A swift counterattack continued from Anderson, Jung Hyun Cheol, Sim Sang Min, and Sin Jin Ho, but it didn’t lead to a shot.  

It was FC Seoul that netted the opener first. In the 44th minute, Shin Kwang Hoon lobbed a cross from the right side, and Park Chu Young, the “FC Seoul Man”, found the net mid-air with a header. While the goalkeeper tried to stop the ball, the touching took place inside the goal line. So the first half was closed with the hosts leading the game by one. 

Seoul opened up the latter half swiftly by having Anderson collect a cross from Kova and fire a strong header. Despite the continued effort to find the net, however, Seoul allowed a goal three minutes later. A header hit the chest of a defender and found its way into the goal in a distorted path. While the goalkeeper managed to make decent saves twice in a row, Seoul found themselves allowing one more goal 10 minute later from inside the penalty box.  

Substituting “Red Sonic” Lee Sang Ho for Kova, Seoul pressured the opponents in a bid to find an additional goal. Sharp crosses were fired from left and right, but none of the attempts led to an actual shot on target. Evandro, a substitute of Park Chu Young in the second half, boasted bold dribbling skills before striking a shot in the 34th minute, which flew off the target.    

Seoul fought back, replacing Jung Hyun Cheol with Cho Young Wook. The hosts dominated the game and continued to knock on the goal, but the game was closed without an equalizer for Seoul. 

The season opener at home was far from ideal, but it’s only the beginning. For the next fixture, Seoul will go on a road trip to fight against Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC. The Seoulites will make thorough preparations over the week to achieve their first refreshing win this season.
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