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FC Seoul lost to Jeonbuk 1-2, Kim Sung Joon netting his debut goal
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FC Seoul suffered a 1-2 defeat against Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors on Round 3 of the 2018 K League 1, which was held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on Sunday. While the result is rather disappointing, the visitors showed off promising counterattacks in the first half of the game and enjoyed anther consolation that was Kim Sung Joon, who found his debut goal in a free kick shortly before the end of the latter half.  

FC Seoul adopted a 4-4-2 formation against Jeonbuk. Yang Han Been took on the goalkeeping, with Park Dong Jin, Hwang Hyun Soo, Kwak Tae Hwi, and Shin Kwang Hoon forming a four-back defense line. Jung Hyun Cheol and Kim Sung Joon served as the anchor of the team in the center, with Sin Jin Ho and Lee Sang Ho placed on each wing position. Park Hui Seong and Anderson were put on the front line as two top.  

It was the visitors FC Seoul that led the game from the early minutes of the game. In the 5th minute, Anderson threaded through the pitch from the half line, which did not lead to a shot on target but certainly helped boost the morale of his teammates. Park Hui Seong was mainly tasked with finding air balls for a header, with Sin Jin Ho and Anderson securing second balls and carving out a chance to find the net. 

In the 7th minute, Anderson made a pass paving a way for Park Hui Seong, but it was called offside by a slight difference. Building up the momentum, Seoul had their first chance for a shot in the 9th minute. A botchy clearing of a cross made the ball drop right in front of Sin Jin Ho, who struck the ball right away, but it went straight to the goalkeeper. 

In a free kick of the 27th minute, Kim Sung Joon lobbed a cross, which hit a defender to make its way towards Anderson. The Brazilian had a stab, but it was blocked by the defense. In the 36th minute, the visitors allowed a one-on-one chance to their opponents, but GK Yang Han Been made an acrobatic move to fend off the attempts from Jeonbuk. The first 45 minutes of the game was mainly spent on testing the waters, and it was finalized with a whistle of the referee. 

The visitors handled the game shrewdly from the start of the latter half. In the 3rd minute, Anderson and Kim Sung Joon exchanged passes to make a penetration before unleashing a precision shot near the arc, but it flew directly to the goalkeeper. A minute later, however, the visitors allowed an opener in a corner kick. 

FC Seoul continued to make an effort to turn the tide of the match. In the 13th minute, Kwak Tae Hwi intercepted the ball before charging down the right side to whip it towards Park Hui Seong, but it did not lead to a go. In the 20th minute, Lee Seok Hyun was substituted for Sin Jin Ho. Five minutes later, the Seoulites allowed yet another one-on-one chance to the hosts, but the goalie made a superb save to keep the hopes alive.  

In the 29th minute, an additional loss of point occurred. In a highly unpredictable situation before the goal, Seoul managed to fend off Jeonbuk’s attempts several times, but the ball drifted out of the jumble of defenders to head towards an attacker left totally unattended. In the 36th minute, Seoul brought in Cho Young Wook Yoon Seung Won to add more weight to the offense. It was a meaningful substitution reflecting Seoul’s tenacity. It was in the 47th minute that Seoul’s efforts came to fruition. In a free kick near the arc, Kim Sung Joon sent the ball zooming into the far-left side of the goalposts with remarkable precision. The scoring marked the first goal that Kim has netted since he joined FC Seoul. In the end, the game was closed at 1-2.  

While falling short of the much-awaited first win for the new season, Seoul will bolster their squad further and upgrade teamwork over the break for national team matches. Inviting Incheon United on April 1st, Seoul will come back to their fans faster and stronger and live up to their high expectations.
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