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Seoul tied with Incheon 1-1, with Evandro netting his debut goal
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Seoul tied with Incheon 1-1, with Evandro netting his debut goal

Evandro proved his worth, scoring the first goal since he joined the FC Seoul squad. FC Seoul were tied 1-1 with Incheon United in Round 4 of the 2018 KEB Hana Bank K-League 1, which was held on the first day of April at Seoul World Cup Stadium. 

Seoul adopted a 4-4-2 formation for their home match. GK Yang Han Been was put on the starting line-up, with Park Dong Jin, Hwang Hyun Soo, Kwak Tae Hwi, and Shin Kwang Hoon forming a four-back line. In the middle, Go YoHan, Sin Jin Ho, Kim Sung Joon, and Lee Sang Ho filled up the space. On the front, Park HeeSeong and Anderson aimed at the goal as two tops.   

From the early minutes of the game, the hosts sought to open the scoring by targeting the back of the defense. In the 4th minute, Park HeeSeongcut into the right side before whipping in a cross to the center, but it missed the tip of a forward’s foot by a whisker. In the 6th minute, Anderson’s cross from the right drifted towards the penalty arc, and Park Dong Jin picked it up to find the net from an ambitious distance, but the ball flew over the target. 

Seoul used short, systemic passes in the midfield to find a crack in the defense. Lee Sang Ho and Anderson made busy movements in each side, striking several shots. In the 38th minute, a cross was blocked by the Seoul defense, before it was retrieved and led to the second shot, but fortunately, the ball hit the crossbar. 

Evandro, who was substituted upon the start of the latter half in place of Park HeeSeong, injected vitality into the offense with a vast range of activities. It was in the 9th minute of the latter half that Evandro found hismust-awaited debut goal. Anderson made a meticulous through-pass between the center back and the right pull-back, and Evandro collected the pass and netted an opener and his first goal as Seoulite with remarkable calm. It was Evandro’s first goal since he joined the Seoul club, and it was also Anderson’s first attack point. 

The visitors from Incheon grew more aggressive after the opener, but the hosts keptthe defense steadfast in the middle and the back, running the game with ease. GK Yang Han Been supported the defense with fine saves. In the 13th minute, an Incheon forward charged down the center and unleashed a powerful shot, but the goalie staved off the crisis with superb save. In the 16th minute, Kim Sung Joon exchanged passes in the right side, before cutting into the center to have a stab, but the ball hit a defender, the goalkeeper managed to punch away the shot. Kim Sung Joon boasted outstanding performance as a tenacious defender and a versatile assistant. 

In the 21st minute, there was a threatening attempt for an equalizer from Incheon, but it hit the left side of the goalposts. The Brazilian duo Evandro and Anderson peeled off a defender with finesse, presenting Anderson with an opportunity to strike a shot, but the goalkeeper managed to block it. In the 28th minute, Lee Sang Ho bypassed the defense and created a promising chance alone with the goalie, but it was blocked again. Seoul substituted Hwang Ki Wook and Park Chu Young, and the players made the best effort to keep their lead, but during the extra time, the hosts allowed an equalizer. Seoul tried to reverse the game again, sending Kwak Tae Hwi to the top for an extra header, but the final whistle was blown to signal the end of a tied match. 

Whilefalling short of a win, the game offered hopeful glimpses into Seoul’s promising attackers, who will lead their team to victory throughout the seven games scheduled in April. Seoul will live up to the enthusiasm of their fans, by chalking up multiple points in the upcoming “Super Match” with Suwon. 

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