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Scoreless draw in Round 5: Seoul remain undefeated 11 games against Suwon
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Scoreless draw in Round 5: Seoul remain undefeated 11 games against Suwon

In the latest Super Match, FC Seoul allowed a draw after making some remarkable outplays. The Red Devils from Seoul visited Suwon World Cup Stadium on Sunday for the fifth round of the 2018 KEB Hana Bank K-League 1, and ruled the game with overwhelming performance, but ended up chalking up a scoreless draw against the Suwon Samsung Bluewings. 

Seoul took on a 4-3-3 formation for the Sunday match. Yang Han Been wore the goalie’s gloves with Park Dong Jin, Hwang Hyun Soo, Kwak Tae Hwi, and Shin Kwang Hoon forming a four-back defense line.Jung Hyun Cheol and Kim Sung Joon added weight to the defense from the midfield, with Sin Jin Ho spearheading the attacks. In the forward line, Evandro stood in the center on the forefront, with Go Yo Han and Anderson backing him up each from left and right. 

The early minutes of thegame saw some tough exchanges between the two contenders, apt for their long-standing, fierce rivalry. The visitors secured high levels of ball possession, leading the gamethroughout the first 45 minutes. In the 4th minute, Evandro threw himself towards the fence in an attempt to save the ball in the right, showing selfless plays and serious commitment to a win. 

In the 19th minute, Jung Hyun Cheol made an interception in the middle before sending the ball to Anderson, who struck a shot with his left foot only to see it flying over the goalposts. In the 22nd minute, the Brazilian enjoyed another chance from a counterattack woven by Evandro and Go Yo Han, but his ambitious shot flew head-on to the goalkeeper.

In the 33rd minute, Hwang Hyun Soo fended off an attempt from Yoo Joo An with a remarkable defense in the left side of the penalty box. Go Yo Han and Sin Jin Ho switched positions for support in the middle, and Seoul handled the game smoothly, engrossing ball possession with short, pinpoint passes. 

When everyone thought the first half would be closed 0-0, Evandro pressured the defense in the front to induce a mistake from the opponents, and Anderson earned a free kick near the arc of PA after taking the ball from his partner.

Anderson sent the ball low to the ground to bypass the wall of defenders, but it ended up hitting the barricade. In the 44th minute, Sin Jin Ho’s corner found its way towards the head of Hwang Hyun Soo, but his header missed the crossbar by a whisker. The first half was closed without any scoring. 

The game intensified hard into the latter half of the game. Crosses were fired from Suwon to exploit their advantage in height, but Seoul’s two centerbacks Hwang and Kwak fended them off every time. In the 14th minute, Sim Sang Min was substituted for Park Dong Jin. In the 19th minute, Sin Jin Ho sent his free kick deep, and Hwang Hyun Soo managed to stop the ball near the center but failed to strike it. In the 22nd minute, Go Yo Han earned a free kick in the left side for Sin Jin Ho to send a powerful cross to the goal. Jung Hyun Cheol collected it to make a header into the goal, but it was called a foul by the referee. 

In the 27th minute, a VAR was conducted over a tough challenge by Suwon’s Choe Sung Guen, and he was sidelined eventually following the verdict of the video referee. Outnumbering the hosts, Seoul made proactive attacks to open the scoring. In the 30th minute, Seoul beefed up the offense with the addition of Park Chu Young in place of MF Jung Hyun Cheol. In the 38th minute, Go Yo Han was replaced by Lee Sang Ho. 

In the 34th minute Evandro collected the ball from the counterattacks with Park Chu Young and Anderson. In the 41st minute, Anderson charged down the right side to carve out a corner kick.More crosses were lobbed towards the center, and Kwak Tae Hwi made a promising header, but it landed into the side net. In the 44th minute, Evandro penetrated into the left side before striking a threatening shot, which hit the side again. Seoul launched a barrage of attacks in the last minutes of the second half, but failed to lead to scoring to their disappointment. In the end, the game was closed scoreless, despite so many promising opportunities.

Seoul added to theirupward momentum in their rivalry against Suwon, managing to stay undefeated in the 11 encounters they had with the Bluewings. With their form recovering gradually in April, Seoul showed off performance living up to the expectations of their fans, but the result was rather disappointing for the ambitious visitors. FC Seoul will take another shot for their first win this season in a home match against the Pohang Steelers on Wednesday.  

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