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Evandro and Cho Young Wook present a 3-0 win for Seoul
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Evandro and Cho Young Wook present a 3-0 win for Seoul

On April 21, FC Seoul defeated Daegu F.C. 3-0 on Round 8 of the 2018 K League 1 hosted at Seoul World Cup Stadium. It was a turnaround from the disappointing defeat in Ulsan, meeting the expectations of Seoul fans with a bout of goal spree. 

Seoul chose a 4-3-3 formation. The front was filled up with three forwards including Go Yo Han, Evandro, and Cho Young Wook. Kim Sung Joion, Sin Jin Ho, and Hwang Ki Wook guarded the centerfield, with Shim Sang Min, Kim Won Gun, Kwak Tae Hwi, and Shin Kwang Hoon forming a four-back defense line. Yang Han Been, the Guardian of FC Seoul, wore the goalkeeper’s gloves as usual. 

In the sixth minute of the game, Seoul fired the first shot for the game. Hwang Ki Wook struck a strong drive from a distance, which missed the target slightly. It was in the 12th minute that the hosts found an opener. Cho Young Wook intercepted a failed pass from the opponents, and given enough space, the Young Gun of FC Seoul whipped in a pinpoint cross towards Evandro, and the Brazilian netted the opener with ease as expected by his fans. 

The scoreboard shifted to 1-0 in favor of the hosts thanks to the opener. In the 20th minute, they allowed a one-on-one chance to Daegu, owing to a miscommunication between the goalkeeper and defenders, but the goalie made a superb save and defused the crisis. In the 42nd minute, Daegu’s defense allowed a loophole to Seoul’s left pull back Shim Sang Min, who struck a cross without any hesitation towards Evandro, but it led to a botched shot, which was blocked by the goalkeeper. A minute later, Anderson managed to take the ball near the goal after making constant pressure against the visitors. The Brazilian boldly made a precision effort with his left foot near the arc, but the host hit the goalposts, deflecting off the target. 

The two teams focused on making a strong push to the opponents when they are in possession of the ball. They sought to find the net by stirring the defense line immediately after intercepting the ball. The fierce competition filled up the 45 minutes of the game, with the host leading it one to nil. 

In the fifth minute of the latter half, a Daegu defender’s effort to clear the ball provided a pass for Go Yo Han, who was waiting near the arc. The versatile attacking midfielder did not hesitate to unleash a shot, which zoomed into the goalposts in a beautiful arch, which allowed the hosts a two-point comfortable lead. In the 14th minute, a seamless password between Cho Young Wook, Go Yo Han, and Evandro, offered an easy chance for the hero of the first goal. Evandro’s shot was blocked by the goalkeeper, however, costing him a chance to find the third goal for Seoul. In the 34th minute, a pass from behind by Hwang Ki Wook, landed accurately on Cho. After trapping the ball with a delicate first touch, he lobbed it towards the center, and the ball hit the foot of a defender, who was in a hurry to clear the threat, and added one more point for Seoul. It was a due compensation for Cho Young Wook for his constant presence in the side attacks. From then on, the hosts widened the gap further to three to zero. 

Seoul managed the rest of the game without any major crisis, sealing their victory in the end. A 3-0 victory at home was a sufficient compensation for the enthusiastic support of their fans. The next fixture is to be arranged against the Jeonnam Dragons, currently ranked the lowest in the K League tables. Fans hope that Seoul will keep their perfect shape of today and take home another victory in a row in the next round. 

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