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Seoul tied scoreless with Gyeongnam
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Seoul tied scoreless with Gyeongnam

Seoul tied with Gyeongnam 0-0 for Round 11 of the 2018 K League 1, which took place at Changwon Football Center on May 2. 

The visitors Seoul took a 4-3-3 formation. GK Yang Han Been guarded the goal with Sim Sang Min, Kim Won Gun, Kwak Tae Hwi, and Shin KwangHoon forming a four-back defense line. MF Hwang Ki Wook, Go Yo Han, and Sin Jin Ho formed an inverted triangle in the middle. In the front line, Evandro and Anderson were placed on left and right side each, with Park Chu Young at the top of the forward line. 

Seoul increased ball possession from the early minutes of the game, pushing the game aggressively. Hwang Ki Wook, Go Yo Han, and Sin Jin Ho stirred the game in the middle with active movements.  

The game was tight until the 24th minute of the first half, and Hwang Ki Wook intercepted the ball from the opposing side, and attempt at opening the scoring from a distance, but it flew wide the goalposts. Midway through the first half, Seoul faced a dangerous situation. The opponents made threatening set piece attacks, but GK Yang Han Been fended them off with superb saves. Seoul had a chance before the end of the first half when Park Chu Young trapped the ball in the chest and volleyed it towards the target, which flew off the goal by a slight difference. And the first half was closed without any scoring.  

Seoul entered the latter half of the game without replacements. In the 10th minute, Anderson used his left foot to strike a shot, but it was blocked by the goalkeeper. Afterwards, Evandro exchanged passes with Park Chu Young before securing a critical chance with a left-footed shot, but it was blocked by the goalie again. In the 18th minute, Seoul changedtheir strategy, replacing Sin Jin Ho with Lee Seok Hyun. The game heated up with tit-for-tats being exchanged between the two sides. Five minutes later, the hosts beefed up the offense, substituting Cho Young Wook for Anderson. In the 32nd minute, Go Yo Han took the ball from the goalkeeper with a strong pressure but failed to convert it into a shot. Despite their continued effort to find the net, the game was closed scoreless.  

Having recorded a bitter tie, Seoul is scheduled to invite the Suwon Samsung Bluewings for a Super Match on May 5, the Children’s Day. 

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