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FC Seoul pull off a thrilling victory in Super Match
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FC Seoul pull off a thrilling victory in Super Match 

FC Seoul chalked up a much-awaited win by 2-1 in Round 12 of the 2018 K League 1 at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

The hosts took a 4-3-3 formation. GK Yang Han Been stood guard, with Sim Sang Min, Kim Won Gun, Kwak Tae Hwi, and Shin KwangHoonforming a four-back defense. Hwang Ki Wook, Go Yo Han, and Sin Jin Ho commanded the center. Evandro, Anderson, and Park Chu Young stood in the front. 

Seoul set off to a head start, pushing the visitors from the early minutes to maintain ball possession. In the first minute of the game, Evandro cut into the left side of the box and sent the ball threading through the defense, and Anderson found the net with an easy tap-in. In the fifth minute, Lim Sang Hyeopunleashed a sharp shot on target. Evandro boasted a strong pressure. In the 10th minute, Go Yo Han’s sharp left-footed shot missed the target slightly, and it was called offside. Seoul mounted strong pressure from the middle during the early minutes of the first half. In the 11th minute, the opponents attacked through the left side, and Shin KwangHoon handled it with remarkable composure. In the 12th minute, Suwon earned a free kick, and GK Yang Han Been boasted a much stable goalkeeping. In the 12th minute, Suwon’s forward DejanDamjanovic found the net from inside the penalty box. But three minutes later, his goal was called offside through a VAR monitoring.  

In the 16th minute, Suwon made a threatening attack in the left side. In the 19th minute, Anderson made a pinpoint pass to Evandro. In the 19th minute, Kwak Tae Hwi cut off a swift counterattack from the visitors with a stable header. In the 21st minute, Suwon fired a fast cross from the left, and GK Yang Han Been threw himself to keep the ball safely. The early game tensions blew over a little in the 24th minute, following the build-ups from each team. In the 25th minute, Evandro penetrated into the box and struck a shot, which hit the goalposts. In the 26th minute, Suwon attempted a right-side penetration, and Sim Sang Min’s sliding tackle spared his team a possible crisis. In the 27th minute, Sin Jin Ho cut off an attack in the middle, which led a free kick to the opposing side. In the 28th minute, Anderson collected pass from Evandro, and struck an accurate from the right, which made its way into the goal. In the 30th minute, Dejan attempted a header in a corner, but it flew off the target. I the 32nd minute, Anderson stumbled over a tackle by Lim Sang Hyeop, who was shown a yellow card for the challenge. In the 34th minute, Shin KwangHoon boasted a remarkable defense skill.  

In the 36th minute, Dejan’sattempt from outside the box flew wide the goalposts. In the 38th minute, Suwon’s ball possession shot up, but Seoul fought back with the plays of Evandro and Park Chu Young, which were regrettably blocked. In the 40th minute, Shin KwangHoon made a remarkable interception in the left side. In the 41st minute, a shot from the opposing side was called offside. In the 42nd minute, Evandro had a go from within the box, but it missed the target slightly. In the 44th minute, Suwon’s Lim Sang Hyeop struck a shot, and GK Yang Han Been blocked it with ease. The first half was closed by 2-0, in which the Seoul side boasted their best form this season.   

Upon the start of the latter half, Seoul attempted side attacks from the midfield, showing a similar pattern to the first half. In the 46th minute, Go Yo Han made a superb interception in the middle. In the 48th minute, Shin KwangHoon earned a free kick in the right side. From each side of the front line, Evandro and Anderson collected passes from the middle. In the 52nd minute, Evandro collected a pass from Anderson and struck it from a good distance, but it flew wide the goalposts. In the 54th minute, Suwon’s penetration effort was called offside. In the 55th minute, Go Yo Han and Evandro exchanged two to one passes with great finesse. And in the 56th minute, Suwon’s attack was blocked by Yang Han Been’s remarkable save.  

In the 60th minute, Suwon attacked near the box, but the ball went over to Seoul side after an obstruction foul. In the 62nd minute, Park Chu Young aptly engaged in defense. In the 62nd minute, Suwon fired a free kick from the right, and Yang Han Been safely punched it away. In the 68th minute, Suwon midfielder Park Hyung Jin’s cross found its way into the goalposts, but it was called offside through a VAR monitoring. In the 70th minute, Park Chu Young was replaced with Cho Young Wook. I the 72nd minute, Suwon’s shot flew off the target. In the 75th minute, Sin Jin Ho, Cho Young Wook, and Anderson’s threatening shots were blocked by the defense. In the 77th minute, Cho Young Wook got a yellow card while fighting for the ball with Jeon Se Jin. In the 78th minute, Go Yo Han was replaced by Yoon Seung Won. In the 81st minute, Kwak Tae Hwi allowed a free kick near the penalty box, and Sim Sang Min made an acrobatic effort to save his team from a dangerous set piece. 

In the 85th minute, Seoul allowed a penalty shot to Suwon. In the 86th minute, Yum Ki Hoon converted the spot kick, shifting the score to 2-1. In the 89th minute, GK Yang Han Been punched away a sharp free kick from Suwon. An extra time for five minutes was announced. In the 90th minute, Suwon’s promising cross grazed by the goalposts. In the 90th minute, Hwang Hyun Soo was substituted for Evandro. The two teams made rough challenges during the extra time. Cho Young Wook’s engaging in defense and Sim Sang Min’s stability were outstanding. While there were some good chances that went wasted, Seoul managed to keep their lead and earn a precious three win point.  

Marking Children’s Day, FC Seoul defeated their long-standing rival Suwon by 2-1, chalking up a win they had been waiting for so long. The warmth of the family month permeated the climate of the team thanks to the latest victory. Seoul will have an away match in Gangwon at 2 p.m. on May 12, and a home match against Jeonbuk at 4 p.m. on May 20. Today’s win in the Super Match could serve as a turning point for Seoul. Fans are looking forward to an upward momentum.  

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