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Seoul tied 1-1 in an away match in Gangwon
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Seoul tied 1-1 in an away match in Gangwon

On Round 13 of the 2018 K League 1, FC Seoul tied with Gangwon F.C. by 1-1 in a showdown arranged at ChuncheonSongam Sports Town. 

The visitors chose a 4-3-3 formation. GK Yang Han Been guarded the goalposts, with Sim Sang Min, Kim Won Gun, Kwak Tae Hwi, and Park Dong Jin forming a stanch wall of four-back defense. Hwang Ki Wook, Go Yo Han, and Sin Jin Ho filled up the midfield, and the trio Evandro, Anderson, and Park Chu Young were deployed in the front to find the net.  

Seoul set off to a head start, with Anderson securing dominance of ball possession in the right side. And the build-up efforts started at the feet of Sin Jin Ho and Go Yo Han in the middle. In the sixth minute, Anderson fired the first shot of the game from the center, but it was off target. The early defense of Seoul was centered around the steady success of Kim Won Gun’s mid-air interceptions. In the ninth minute, Sim Sang Min made a forward pass toward Evandro in the right, allowing for the Brazilian to have a go, but his attempt missed the goal. In the 14th minute, the visitors earned a free kick in the left side. In the 15th minute, Sin Jin Ho’s free kick met the head of Kwak Tae Hwi, and the header zoomed into Gangwon’s goalposts, giving Seoul a one-point lead early in the game.  

In the 19th minute, Evandrodelivered a free kick, which was followed by Kim Won Gun’s header, but it flew off the goal again. In the 28th minute, Go Yo Han’s cross hit a defender, earning the visitors a corner kick from the right. Sin Sang Min lobbed a cross towards Anderson, but it did not lead to a shot. In the 30th minute, Lee Guen Ho seemed to have found an equalizing header from a cross, but the referee called it offside. In the 33rd minute, Hwang Ki Wook helped his team reclaim the ball possession with a stable stream of interception in the center. In the 43rd minute, Evandro stumbled over Park Jung Soo’s rough challenge, who was subsequently shown a yellow. In the 45th minute, Anderson boasted dazzling skills inside the penalty box before striking a shot, but it was blocked by a defender. The first half was closed with the visitors leading the game 1-0. 

Upon the start of the latter half, Seoul substituted Lee Sang Ho for Go Yo Han. In the eighth minute, Gangwon unleashed a shot from within the penalty box, but it was cut off by the defense. In the tenth minute, Park Dong Jin received a yellow card in the process of intercepting the ball. In the 12th minute, Evandro was replaced by Cho Young Wook. In the 14th minute, Gangwon striker Diego unleashed a powerful drive from a distance, but GK Yang Han Been fended it off with a remarkable acrobatic effort. In the 18th minute, Anderson earned a free kick in the left side off the box, which led to a corner kick. Midway through the second half, the game witnessed an increasing number of attacks from each side.  

In the 33rd minute, Anderson delivered a through pass to Park Chu Young, giving him a chance to have a go, but the attempt was aborted by the defense. Approaching the homestretch, the game grew even fiercer, with Gangwon attempting to find the net from sides, and Seoul connecting passes in the center with remarkable dexterity. In the 37th minute, Park Hee Sung filled in the spot of Park Chu Young. Unfortunately, the visitors allowed an equalizer from Gangwon forward UrosDjeric in the 43rd minute of the latter half. And in the final 45th minute, Hwang Ki Wook and Park Hee Sung fired shots one after another in a bid to make a difference, but neither flew on target. Regrettably, the game was closed 1-1, and Seoul had to settle for one point for their trip to Gangwon.  

While failing to maintain the robust momentum from the Super Match, Seoul raised expectations of their fans, showing off an unprecedented pattern of buildups. The next game for FC Seoul take place at Seoul World Cup Stadium against Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, on May 20, the Sunday. 
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