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Seoul tied 2-2 with Daegu
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On Round 15 of the 2018 K League 1, FC Seoul drew 2-2 with Daegu F.C. after a bout of tit-for-tat crossfires. 

Seoul took a 3-5-2 formation for the match. Anderson and Evandro stood on the front, with Cho Young-wook, Go Yo-han, Yoon Seung-won, Lee Seok-hyun, and Kim Sung-joon filling the gap in the middle. Kim Won-gun, Kwak Tae-hwi, and Lee Woong-hee formed a three-back defense with GK Yang Han-been keeping the gate. 

After testing the waters for the first 10 minutes, Seoul netted an opener first. In the 11th minute, GoYo-hancollected the ball in the right and lobbed a pinpoint cross to the center, which found a way to Cho Young-wook, who was cutting into the empty space. Cho’s decision to send the ball with a single touch proved to be golden, presenting his team with a one point lead early in the game. 

In the 17th minute, Seoul found the net again. In the left side, Yoon Seung-won earned a perfect chance for a cross, and his precise execution meant that the ball was safely sent to Anderson. Despite the chaos of defense, the Brazilian pulled off the second goal for Seoul with easy tap-in, covering the Daegu stadium with a pall of silence. 

In the 36th minute, the opponents fought back. The left side was open, and an opponent’s header readily made its way towards a Daegu player, leaving Seoul’s goalkeeper Yang Han-been little to do about it. The balance tipped to 2-1.  

In the 45th minute, Yoon Seung-won made a rough challenge inside the box. Later on, a VAR refereeing called for a penalty kick, and despite the goalie’s best efforts, Seoul allowed another goal. The first half was closed, tied at 2-2. 

Upon the start of the latter half, Seoul substituted Lee Sang-ho for Lee Seok-hyun. It was a manifestation of Acting Manager Lee Eul-yong’s determination to find the net again. 

It was in the sixth minute that Seoul fired the first shot on target of the latter half. Cho Young-wook, Go Yo-han, and Yoon Seung-won exchanged passes before presenting a perfect chance for Anderson, but his shot missed the target by a slim difference. 

In the 10th minute, Seoul faced a major crisis. In the process of build-up, Kwak Tae-hwi lost the ball to Daegu. The opponent’s shot travelled past the goalkeeper and into the goal, but Lee Woong-hee cleared the ball after a fierce chase. 

In the 27th minute, Seoul substituted Park Chu-young, showing a strong will for victory. It was an aggressive move to find the net at any cost. In the 31st minute, Park unleashed a powerful shot from a distance, as if announcing his own return. The ball was blocked by the goalkeeper, but it was certainly a morale-booster for Seoul. 

The rest of the game consisted of Daegu’s sharp counterattacks and Seoul’s resilient defense. Whenever the team was facing difficult moments, GK Yang Han-been saved his team from the crisis. At the end of the day, Seoul managed to earn an invaluable win point in Daegu, fending off the barrage of attacks from the opponents. It wasn’t a win, but the two goals netted were an enough reason to have higher expectations on the upcoming matches. The team will fly to Pohang for the next game, and fans are hoping that Seoul will recover their usual performance and come back with flying colors. 

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