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FC Seoul defeated to Pohang 0-1 in Round 25
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On Round 25 of the 2018 K League 1, FC Seoul conceded a tantalizing loss to the Pohang Steelers by 0-1.

Seoul adopted a 4-3-3 formation. Yang Han-been wore the goalkeeper’s gloves, with Sim Sang-min, Kim Dong-woo, Lee Woong-hee, and Park Dong-jin forming a four-back defense line. In the middle, Lee Sang-ho and Sin Jin-ho were placed in a triangular formation with Kim Won-sik at the core of it. Evandro and Anderson stood on each side, with Matic deployed on the top to form a foreign trio for offense. 

Seoul sought to open the scoring from the early minutes of the game with proactive movements. They unfolded attacks based on stable ball possession. Matic stood at the center of the offensive efforts, with Anderson and Evandro vying to exploit the back space with their outstanding agility.  

Early in the game, Seoul led the game, but in the 13th minute, the hosts allowed an opener to the Steelers, with their cross being deflected off a defender to make a way into the goalposts. But Seoul remained calm. Anderson’s penetration in the right side was threatening enough to turn the tide of the game.  

Until halfway through the first half, Seoul utilized the center field and both sides in a bid to find the net, but such efforts did not turn into a promising chance for a shot on target. In the 30th minute, Anderson collected a pass from outside the box from Lee Sang-ho before striking a shot from a distance, but it flew off the goal. Seoul brought in Go Yo-han and Cho Young-wook in place of Matic and Evandro in a bid to turn the tables around. In the fifth minute, Cho Young-wook volleyed Anderson’s cross, but it hit the side net. 

In the 20th minute, Seoul beefed up the midfield with substitution of Hwang Ki-wook for Kim Won-sik. In the 30th minute, Cho Young-wook charged down the side to send a pinpoint cross to the center, but it did not lead to a chance for a shot. 

Despite the constant efforts, Seoul’s precision of executions began to deteriorate, and the game was closed by 0-1. 

Round 26 will take place on August 25, the Saturday, at 7:00 p.m. against Ulsan.  

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