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Seoul defeated to Daegu 0-2 in absence of Go Yo-han and Sin Jin-ho
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On September 16, FC Seoul were defeated 0-2 at home against Daegu F.C. on Round 28 of the 2018 Hana Bank K League 1. 

Adopting a 4-3-3 formation, Seoul prepared a three-top system consisting of Evandro, Anderson, and Yoon Seung-won. Cho Young-wook and Song Jin-hyung bridged the offense and defense in the middle, with Kim Won-sik offering an extra cover for defense. Yun Suk-young, Kim Won-gun, Kim Dong-woo, and Shin Kwang-hoon formed a four-back defense line, with Yang Han-been standing guard at thegoal.

In the 27th minute, Yang Han-been’s kick from the goal-line flew towards Evandro’s head. The Brazilian used his head to pass the ball to Anderson, who was dashing into the back of defense. The other Brazilian cut into the penalty box to create a one-on-one chance with Daegu goalkeeper Choe Young-eun, but the attempt was thwarted. In a counterattack launched in the 35th minute, Seoul lost the ball near the arc of the box and subsequently conceded an opener by Kim Dae-won. The hosts tried to equalize with Song Jin-hyung and Anderson having a go each, but the first half was closed without any addition of goals.

In the latter half, Seoul made a bold move to tie the game with subsititions of Yun Ju-tae and Lee Sang-ho in place of Yoon Seung-won and Song Jin-hyung. In the 10th minute of the latter half, however, the hosts allowed a header from Edgar Silva despite their conituous effort to find the net. In the 17th minute, Seoul made an aggressive move to turn the tables, replacing Cho Young-wook with Matic, a centerforward. The three foreign strikers of FC Seoul fired threatening shots one after another, but their effort did not translate into a goal in the face of watertight defense of the goalkeeper. 

Nearing the homestretch, Seoul made an all-out effort. In the 38th minute, Matic collected a pass from Yun Ju-tae and had a promising chance alone withthe goalkeeper, but it was called off-side. In the 43rd minute, Yun Ju-tae nudged a quick pass into the path for Anderson, but his ambitious shot was blocked by the goalkeeper.During the extra time of the latter half, Seoul made their final attempt with Matic firing a free kick from near the left side of thearc, but the ball flew over the target. So the game was closed 0-2 in favor of the visitors. 

While the Seoulites failed to get win points, they were not alone in the plight. Both Pohang Steelers, the fifth rankers, and Jeju United, the seventh, were defeated, leaving an ample chance to advance into the Upper Split. Seoul managed to keep a one-point margin with Gangwon F.C., who are ranked at the sixth, the cutline for the Upper Split. Good news is that Go Yo-han and Sin Jin-ho, the two players born in the same year of 1988, are coming back from their absence in the next game. Fans are hoping that their club will rekindle the spark of momentum. 

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