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Seoul defeated 1-2 on Round 29 against Gyeongnam
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Seoul defeated 1-2 on Round 29 against Gyeongnam

On September 22, FC Seoul were defeated 1-2 at Changwon Football Center to Gyeongnam F.C. on Round 29 of the 2018 KEB Hana Bank K League 1, failing to advance on the tables. 

Seoul showed a strong will to advance into the Upper Split, with Go Yo-han and Sin Jin-ho, who had missed the previous match due to accumulated warnings, making the starters’ line-up, and Kim Nam-choon, who has joined the Seoul club after finishing his military service, making his debut as Seoulite. Taking a 4-4-2 formation, FC Seoul formed a four-back defense line consisting of Yun Suk-young, Kim Nam-choon, Kim Dong-woo, and Shin Kwang-hoon, while Yang Ban-been wore the keeper’s gloves. In the middle, Kim Han-gil, Kim Won-sik, Sin Jin-ho, and Go Yo-hanwere deployed, and Anderson and Lee Sang-ho led the attacks. 

Seoul took a careful approach during the early minutes of thegame. The visitors used long passes to go forward in the pitch, showing off some promising moves on the other side of the field. In the 11th minute, Sin Jin-ho delivered a free kick towards Kim Han-gil ,who returned it with a cross, but it did not lead to a shot on target. In a following attack, Kim Han-gil unleashed a powerful shot with his left foot, but it flew directly to the goalkeeper. Gaining momentum, Seoul found the net with Anderson executing the ball with such calm against the goalkeeper, but it was subsequently annulled by a VAR monitoring. Having received a warning, Anderson was shown another yellow in a following attack where he hit the face of a defender, so the Brazilian was sidelined in a mere 20 minutes with two consecutive warnings. 

Outnumbered, the visitors gradually lost ball possession to Gyeongnam, before earning a free kick in the right side where Lee Sang-ho fired a powerful header to send shudders down the spine of opponents. Seoul remained proactive despite the numbers disadvantage, and right before the end of the first half, Shin Kwang-hoon managed to lob a cross from the right side, and Kim Han-gil used the tip of his feet to find an opener. So, the first half was closed with a scoring from Kim Han-gil, who proved in prime form from the early minutes of the game. 

Seoul introduced Lee Woong-hee in place of Yun Suk-young upon the start of the latter half. The opponents fired a sharp cross, but Seoul’s defense remained unshaken. Seoul sought to overcome their lack of numbers by applying continuous pressure on the front and inducing mistakes from the defense. However, in the 16th minute, Seoul allowed an equalizer from the opponents. After the goal, Seoul substituted Evandro and Park Dong-jin in place of Lee Sang-ho and Shin Kwang-hoon. 

In the 27th minute, Seoul earned a promising chance with a corner after Evandro shook the defense in the front. In the 39th minute, Seoul used a counterattack from Gyeongnam’s corner kick, and Go Ho-han and Evandroexchanged passes to find the net, but Go’s final shot was blocked by the defense. And in the 44th minute, Seoul lost control of the back space and ended up conceding another goal. Seoul had their final chance to find the net right before the end of the game, where their header bounced off the goalposts. At the end of the day, Seoul had to suffer a bitter loss in an away game. 

Having failed to overcome the numbers disadvantage, Seoul is facing their worst losing streaks where they failed to win any game from the latest six. It is not over yet. If the team pushes the envelope, they will be able to make it to the Upper Split. 

The next game for Seoul will take place on September 26 at Seoul World Cup Stadium against Incheon United FC.  

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