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Seoul defeated 0-1 against Jeonnam Dragons on Round 32
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On Round 32 of the 2018 K League 1, FC Seoul conceded a 0-1 loss to Jeonnam Dragons F.C. at Gwangyang Football Stadium. 

Seoul adopted their typical 4-4-2 formation. Yang Han-been guarded the goalposts, with Yoon Jong-gyu, Kim Dong-woo, Lee Woong-hee, and Yun Suk-young keeping the four-back defense steadfast. Go Yo-han, Ha Dae-sung, Sin Jin-ho and Cho Young-wook formed the midfield, with Anderson and Park Hee-sung aiming to find the net on the forefront.

The game was kicked off by the visitors Seoul.In the seventh minute, Jeonnam sent a cross cutting into the right side of the pitch, but it did not lead to a chance to find the net. In the 10th minute, Park Hee-sung whipped in a cross from left in a bid to open the scoring. In the 16th minute, Jeonnam launched attacks from inside the penalty box, but GK Yang Han-been fended it off with ease. In the 31st minute, Go Yo-han passed the ball towards Park Hee-sung, who had a stab at the goal, but it was blocked by GK Lee Ho-seung. In the 38th minute, Sin Jin-ho unleashed a powerful shot from the box, but it missed the target. In the 40th minute, Anderson had a promising chance to find the net, facing the goalie alone, but it was blocked again. As it was the last game before the Split Round, the Seoulites made a concerted effort to find the net with captain Go Yo-han showing off a strong will to win the game. The first half was closed soon, with the scoreboard reading 0-0.

The latter half was initiated by the Dragons. In the fifth minute, Park Hee-sung was replaced by Kim Han-gil, in an apparent move to bolster the middle and take the initiative of the game. In the 13th minute, Sin Jin-ho was replaced by Lee Sang-ho. In the 20th minute, Lee Yoo-hyun made a threatening free kick, but it flew off the target. In the 28th minute, Seoul allowed an opener to Heo Yong-joon, who found the net from a long distance. Seoul suffered a temporary lack of defenders, making it impossible to brace the attacks from the hosts. In the 31st, Seoul called Evandro to fill the post of Yun Suk-young, deploying every resource they had for an all-out attack. In the 39th minute, a rough challenge between Go Yo-han and Heo Yong-joon resulted in two red cards, rendering each team one man short. Failing to find the net during the four-minute extra time, Seoul had to suffer a bitter loss by 0-1 in an away match against Jeonnam. 

The upcoming fixture for FC Seoul will take place on October 20 at JejuWorld Cup Stadium, the last match to determine the contours of the Split Round. Fans must be sincerely hoping for a sliver of hope in Seoul’s final journey for the Upper Split. 

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