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Seoul suffer a 0-1 loss to Jeju on Round 33
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On Round 33 of the 2018 K League 1 on Saturday, FC Seoul conceded a narrow loss by 0-1 to JejuUnited FC at Jeju World Cup Stadium. 

Seoul adopted a 3-5-2 formation. GK Yang Han-been stood guard at the goal, with Kim Won-gun, Kim Nam-choon, and Kim Dong-woo making a three-back defense line. Kim Won-sik stood at the center of the midfield, with Sin Jin-ho and Ha Dae-sung standing on each side to form a triangle. Yun Suk-young and Shin Kwang-hoon were deployed as wingbacks, with Evandro and Anderson placed on the top as a twin of attackers. 

The game was tight starting from the early minutes of the game. The visitors managed the game with composure, on the back of stable ball possession in the middle. The game marked the last round for both teams before advancing into the Split Rounds, and they played with a matching amount of carefulness. Seoul boasted stable defense. Sin Jin-ho and Ha Dae-sung helped strike a balance between offense and defense in the middle with proactive movements, with Kim Won-sik backing them up from the center. The offensive edge was, however, rather blunt, drawing a sharp contrast with Seoul’s watertight defense.In the 36th minute, GK Yang Han-been fended off a powerful shot from the hosts, keeping the equilibrium of the game at 0-0. Starting from the late minutes of the first half, Seoul managed to make some promising attacks, but the first 45 minutes were soon closed without a goal. 

In the 12th minute of the latter half, Ha Dae-sung collected a pass from Sin Jin-ho in the middle of the penalty box before unleashing a timely left-footed shot, but the goalkeeper blocked the ball. Ha Dae-sung’s ambitious effort injected vitality into the squad of FC Seoul. Two versatile midfielders, Ha Dae-sung and Sin Jin-ho, provided pinpoint passes for their teammates, gradually turning the tide of the game in Seoul’s favor. In the 29th minute, the visitors beefed up their offense by substituting Park Hee-sung in place of Evandro. In the 35th minute, Kim Dong-woo collected Sin Jin-ho’s corner kick to make a header, but it flew off target. Unfortunately, it was Seoul that conceded an opener first, owing to a simple mistake by a defender. Desperate to equalize the game, Seoul replaced Kim Won-gun with Kim Han-gil to boost their payload. However, the regulation time reached the end without an equalizer. 

From now on, Seoul will find themselves in a fierce competition in the Lower Split. The schedule for the Split Rounds will be announced on FC Seoul’s homepage and social media accounts. 

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