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Seoul tied with Daegu 1-1 despite overwhelming performance
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On November 4, FC Seoul went on a road trip to Daegu Stadium for Round 35 of the 2018 KEB Hana Bank K League 1, where the visitors drew 1-1 with Daegu FC. Seoul garnered one more win point, with their ranking bumping up to the ninth with 37 points. 

It was the third game since Manager Choi Yong-soo had returned, and the Seoul club boasted a great performance, almost unrecognizable from their form of the past. Yoon Ju-tae and Park Hee-sung stood on the forefront of offense, with Go Yo-han and Sin Jin-ho offering support from the middle, and Hwang Ki-wook covering for the defense at the center. Yun Suk-young and Yoon Jong-gyu stood on each side as wingback, while Kim Won-gun, Kim Nam-choon, and Kim Dong-woo filled up the three-back defense line from left to right. GK Yang Han-been made the line-up as usual. 

In the first half of the game, Seoul took over 60% of ball possession, with an overwhelming 12-1 shots on target against Daegu. Merely two minutes into the first half, Sin Jin-ho struck a powerful drive from a good distance, but GK Jo Hyeon-woo caught it with ease. In the 15th minute, Yun Suk-young unleashed a left-footed free kick from a considerable distance, which flew head-on to the goalkeeper again. Luck wasn’t on Seoul’s side, with Yoon Ju-tae’s subsequent attempt at the goal bouncing off the goalposts. 

It was in the ninth minute that the much-awaited goal was found. Yun Suk-young cut into the left side before exchanging passes with Park Hee-sung. After recollecting his through pass for Sin Jin-ho, Yun in turn sent yet another pass towards Go Yo-han, who was waiting inside the box. He struck a turning shot with his left foot whose timing left the goalkeeper completely helpless. 

The visitors reinforced their offensive efforts, bringing in Park Chu-young and Evandro to the pitch, but in the 39th minute of the latter half, Seoul allowed a bitter equalizer from Daegu striker Cesinha. The Brazilian earned and converted his free kick himself, with his right-footed shot hitting the bar and crossing over the goal-line. Right before the end of the game, Park Chu-young unleashed a pinpoint free kick, but the ball was blocked by GK Jo Hyeon-woo again. In a following corner kick, the Daegu goalkeeper snatched the ball yet again, putting an end to the game tied at 1-1.  

While the game was not a clean-cut win, it is much encouraging that the team’s form is improving ever since the return of Manager Choi Yong-soo. The next game will take place at Seoul World Cup Stadium, going head-to-head with the Jeonnam Dragons.  

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