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FC Seoul suffer 0-1 loss at home against Incheon
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On Round 37 of the 2018 KEB Hana Bank K League 1, Seoul suffered a 0-1 defeat at home against the Incheon United F.C.

The hosts adopted their traditional 3-5-2 formation. GK Yang Han-been stood guard at the posts, with Kim Dong-woo, Kim Nam-choon, and Kim Won-gun forming a three-back wall of defense. Yoon Jong-gyu, Yun Suk-young, Go Yo-han, and Sin Jin-ho filled the midfield, with Park Chu-young and Yoon Ju-tae standing on the frontline to open the scoring. 

The weather was cold, but it was soon offset by the enthused support of home fans as the game was kicked off. In the 4th minute, Yoon Ju-tae unleashed a powerful shot from inside the penalty box and hit the post, fueling the excitement of the early game. In the fifth minute, Park Chu-young had a go with a left-footed turning shot, but it was blocked by the goalkeeper. In the eighth minute, the visitors took the lead with an opener. In the 11th minute of the first half, Go Yo-han sent a sharp drive from a good distance, but the shot went wide. In the 25th minute, Park Chu-young fired a powerful shot, but it led to a corner kick. Seoul restored stability into the late minutes of the first half. The players showed the kind of enthusiasm reserved for their last home match for the regular season. The first half was closed with Incheon keeping a one-point lead. 

The latter half was kicked off by the visitors Incheon. In the fourth minute, Yoon Ju-tae tried to cut into the penalty box to little avail. It was followed by a powerful shot by Park Chuy-young, which flew off outside the target. Amid the continued offensives from the hosts, Park Chu-young collected a cross from Yoon Jong-gyu to fire a header, but it missed the target again. In the 22nd minute, Evandro was substituted to inject a shot in the arm for FC Seoul. The game remained tight for a while before the hosts made another substitution in the 32nd minute. Cho Young-wook replaced the post of Hwnag Ki-wook, with all the resources for attack being funneled into the last minutes. During the final minutes of the latter half, the game seemed to belong to Seoul, but an equalizer remained elusive for the hosts. Five minutes were given as the extra time of their final home match, and Seoul players did their best to the last whistle, but they failed to equalize the game in the end, with the scoreboard reading 0-1 in Incheon’s favor. 

On December 1, Saturday, FC Seoul will have their last game this year against Sangju Sangmu F.C. Fans must be hoping that their team will do their best to the end and bear the fruit they’ve been seeking for. 

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