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Seoul to remain in K League 1 with aggregate 4-2 win
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On December 9, FC Seoul drew 1-1 against the Busan IPark, succeeding to remain in the top league with an aggregate 4-2 victory. 

Seoul chose their go-to 3-5-2 formation. With Yang Han-been standing guard at the goal, Lee Woong-hee, Kim Won-gun, and Kim Dong-woo formed a three-back defense. With Jung Hyun-cheol placed in the center, Go Yo-han and Ha Dae-sung safeguarded the midfield, and Yun Suk-young and Yoon Jong-gyu stood on each wing-back spot. Yoon Ju-tae and Cho Young-wook stood on the forefront as two tops to find the net. 

Seoul remainedmuch focused from the early minutes of the game. Amid the intense atmosphere, the hosts handled the game with composure. In the 10th minute, Yang Han-been defused a crisis for Seoul, fending off an abrupt counterattack from Busan. Seoul’s systematic defense proved effective as the game proceeded. Wingers Yun Suk-young and Yoon Jong-gyu showed off an impressive workrate, injecting the necessary vitality into Seoul’s squad.In the 32nd minute, however, Seoul allowed an opener to the visitors. Restoring stability quickly enough, Seoul wrapped up the first half without further losses. 

Seoul beefed up the offensives, substituting Park Chu-young upon the start of the latter half. Upping the tempo of the game, Seoul began to mount sharply-edged attacks. In the 13th minute, Seoul chased Busan faster with the substitution of Evandro. In the 17th minute, Go Yo-han collected a pass and made a bold attempt to find the net, but the shot flew wide the target. Seoul continued to aim at the target, with Park and Go stepping up their effort to equalizer the game. It was a fierce game, but Seoul did not flinch. The hosts were unafraid to jump in for possession and made a continuous pressure on the opponents for defense. In the 35th minute, Park Chu-young and Evandro made threatening attempts at the goal one after another. And during the extra time, Park Chu-young wisely exploited the gap between the goal and the goalie and found an equalizer from a good distance. 

It was a 1-1 tie, but the aggregate scores for the entire playoff read a 4-2 victory for FC Seoul, allowing them a chance to continue theirchallenge for the K League 1 championship next season.

The year of 2018 was a much-checkered season for FC Seoul. It left the team with nagging feelings about the much room for improvement.Seoul was desperate to the very last game, which eventually paved the way for them to go on at the top league into the next season. Fans must be hoping that their team will come back stronger, closer to what they used to be. 

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