A) Bus Routes

01. Stops (West)-station: 7714 (formerly 443), 7715 (formerly 431)
02. Stops (South): 171 (New), 271 (formerly 131), 571 (new), 7011 (formerly 361), 7012 (new), 7013 (formerly 2), Mapo 08
03. Stops (South)-Agriculture and Fish Market: 6715 (new)

B) Subway Information

Get off at World Cup Station line 6, and use exits 1, 2, 3

C) Driving

West including Goyang and Eunpyeong
Go to Nanjido-gil using the north connection road at Gayang bridge. Until it is opened, use Susaek road and then make a U-turn near Jeungsangyo, followed by a P-turn at the Jeungsan intersection and finally pass World Cup Tunnel 01. Vehicles that have passed the Jeungsan intersection can make a left turn in front of the Sacehon elevated road and make a P-turn towards Seongsan Road 02. Seongbuk, Gangbuk, NoWon, Dobong areas
Use the Sacheon elevated road and enter Seongsan road. You may then take the Sangamdong-gil or go straight until you arrive at the junction point between Seongsan Road and Hapjeong Road, where you can make a right 03. Vehicles coming out of the inner city expressway can exit on the Seongsan ramp and follow the same steps as e or exit towards Jayuro and make a left 04 to arrive at the west gate of the stadium.
Downtown areas such as Jongno, Junggu, Seodaemun areas
You can use 03 where you may use the Sacheon elevated road and go onto Sangamdong-gil using Seongsan road, or 01 where you may make a P-turn at the intersection between Susaek and Jeungsan.
Southwest areas such as Yeongdeungpo, Dongjak, Gwanak
Pass Seongsan Bridge and enter Seongsan Road and proceed straight. Take a left and you will reach 05 the south gate of the stadium. Gangnam areas including Seocho, Gangnam, Songpa
Vehicles on Gangbyeonbukno can make a right after passing the Seongsan Bridge and inner city freeway ramp, and make an immediate right 06 to arrive at the west gate. Ilsan, Paju, Gimpo, and southern areas 07 Use the Gayang Bridge and Nadeulmok to use the Nanjido-gil