title FC Seoul U-18 plays in the semifinals.
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FC Seoul U-18(Dongbuk high school) reassured that they were one of the powerhouse in U-18. They went through to semi-final dumping nationwide big names to raise the fame of FC Seoul and their school at a national football tournament of the 16th Baekroki for high school. The U-18, which was driving on without a stop, had a meeting with Kumho high school for a berth of a final at Seogwipo World Cup Stadium on July 27 but suffered a setback of a 1-3 defeat to have a satisfaction at top four at the tournament.

The tournament was taken place over 13 days, in which the total of 99 teams participated to stage a group round of preliminary league before 50 teams were selected for a tournament. The high school at the tournament appealed its true strength winning all matches until the defeat of semi-final, except for 1st leg of group preliminary league.

A 3-1 win against Tongjin high school at the 32 final earned FC Seoul U-18 a place for the 16 final, at which two goals from Hong Jin-hyuk and Jung Seung-yong helped Seoul to reach the quarterfinal. The U-18 proved that they were a quality team once again by securing a 2-0 victory against Joongdong high school at the quarter final, which guaranteed them a spot to advance to the semi-final.
Following a big achievement of being a semi-finalist made by the school at the past ‘2008 Challenge League of high school club’, the U-18 team heightened a big expectation putting on an impressive display at the tournament for some 100 teams participated in.

In the meantime, a forward Jung Seung-yong, who hit his peak in his condition, identified himself as a target man by getting seven goals in total, including two goals at a group preliminary against Pohang technical high school on July 17.

FC Seoul U-18 shall have to go through a challenge time to lift a title, who has already been a semi-finalist twice in the past two tournament.

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