title Interview Special-New Signing Kim Chi-woo
name 운영자 date 2008/08/05 hit 1806
New summer signing Kim Chi-woo for the first time turned up for team training after completing a transfer to FC Seoul on August 4. With a big smile, the new face tried to settle in the team during the first team training with his new team mates, who claimed that his ultimate goal is to lift the league title at the end of the season, sweating a lot throughout the team training.

“I really enjoyed the first training. When I first came here, I just felt a bit of uncomfortable, but it took little time to feel at home because friends here helped me a lot to be a part of the team,” Kim Chi-woo told his impression about the first team training. Showing a strong willingness, the former Chunnam Dragons midfielder went on to say “I joined Seoul when the team has been flying high. I will do all I can to help the team to climb up to the top of the league standings.

The new addition to FC Seoul, Kim Chi-woo added “many thanks for a great interest and endless cheers of lots of fans in me and I will make exert efforts to return what they have been doing for me at this time."

You can now watch the video clips featuring Kim Chi-woo’s first team training on FC Seoul TV.

By footballcho@gssports.co.kr
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