title FC Seoul becomes Cup Winners
name 운영자 date 2010/08/26 hit 25019
FC Seoul has claimed the championship back again.

Seoul crashed Jeonbuk at the final to become cup champion in 4 years. Having revamped its fundamentals by importing new coaching staff and a number of newbloods, FC Seoul has accomplished such a feat in a relatively short amount of time.

The team has won all the matches from the preliminary round to claim the championship in 4 years; back then it was in 2004 when GS Sports was first initiated. Undivided support from the owner Mr. Heo Chang-su, who often paid a visit to the training sessions, is much attributable for the dauntless performance of the Seoul-based football club.

Now on the uptick, Seoul is looking to win the league championship as well.
▲Balance between old and new

Seoul has become much more stable this season. As a number of veterans have joined the team, Seoul became more adept in managing crises, an improvement in sharp comparison with the past when the performance often fluctuated. As the seasoned players stick to the team play rather than showing off individual prowess, the balance between the old and new has become enhanced greatly.
▲Kudos for Dejan, Adi, and Djeparov

On the limelight are the foreign players. In particular, Deyan deserved much of the credit. Having pulled off 5 scores and 3 assists, Deyan single-handedly took up as much as 35% out of the total team score. He did even better in important games. Deyan scored two goals each in the octo final and semi final, leading his team to the final game.
Defender Adi was also commendable. Proving himself versatile as a midfielder and defender, Adi stood at the core of Seoul’s staunchy defense. He also contributed to the offense, recording one goal and one assist.

It was Djeparov who completed the excellence of the expatriates. His accurate passes and shots maximized Seoul’s performance. In a match against Suwon, Djeparov proved to be instrumental both in offense and defense, making a successful debut.
▲ Support from fans

Above all, the championship was possible to come by due to the fervent support from fans. A slew of fans including the supporters ‘Suhosin’ have rooted for the players rain or shine showing up for every single match Seoul played this season.

In fact, Seoul has so far attracted more spectators than any other team, befitting its reputation as the most popular local football club. In the match held on May 5th, in particular, as many as 60,747 fans visited the stadium, a record unprecedented in the Korean sports industry hitherto.
Now Seoul is looking to take the league championship. Currently ranked at 5th, the team will have to harness today’s momentum to prove its genuine excellence on the league competition as well.

Given that the stability the team has gained recently, Seoul is expected to show a superb play in the league matches. The next match is with Suwon on 28th; fans are keeping their fingers crossed for Seoul to jump a top of K-League.
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